Well, hello, fellow Janes. We are stoked you've found us here at Unchained Jane.

This news and opinion hub is written by badass women for badass women.

While mulling this women's hub idea over, we found that there are many places to find: funny mommy blogs, women-related news and politics, mommy groups on social media, women's sports news, business news, finance news, uplifting stories about successful women, cheeky quotes... you get the idea. So many choices! But why the hell wasn't there a place where women - the most complex, most dynamic, and most badass creatures on Earth - can go to get all of those things in one place? Where could a Jane go to feel supported AND informed AND fierce AND brilliantly entertained? Where was there a home for just us Badass Janes?

We are not just mommies.
We are not just wives, significant others, and girlfriends.
We are not just lovers.
We are not just the daughters and sisters.
We are not just colleagues, employees, and employers.
We are not just the listeners and friends.
We are not just the household custodian, bill payers, fashion coordinators, and shopping herders.
We are not just the entrepreneurs.
We are not just a warm hug and a tough disciplinarian.
We are not just the vacation planners and social organizers.
We are not just the family moral compass.
We are not just the worriers.
We are not just a nebulous ball of yoga pants, wine, and coffee. (Okay, so we are like 85% this if you want to be all technical about it.)

Women are actually all of these and so much more. We are Janes - dynamic, universal women. It's high time the world acknowledges that, but, more importantly, it's about damn time we women acknowledge it. Appreciate it in ourselves and in our fellow Janes. Demand it from ourselves. Demand it from other women. Push our own boundaries. Push the boundaries of others.

If you're here, then, you, like us, care about having the female perspective on politics, business, finance, social issues, feminism, raising a family, culture, music, books, communities, role models, friendship, booze and laughter - you are an all-around BADASS. Well, you can now find comfort, strength and tenacity in knowing you are surrounded by other Badass Janes. We strive to give you straight-forward information, news, opinions, and support - like a sister would (okay, we are a little snarky, but we can all agree that it's much more interesting to read the newspaper with a side of sarcasm). But that's what we are here: a band of badass sisters.

So go ahead - Shake the world up with us. Do it for yourself, for the women in your life, and for the women who will inherit the world after you. And for the sake of all humanity, please laugh at yourself. And us. Because we are fucking hilarious.

Stay authentic. Stay informed. Stay sassy. Most importantly, stay unchained.

- Saera Jane, Elisabeth Jane, Calamity Jane and Amelia Jane -

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