Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Stay Positive!

In my true Friday night fashion, I am enjoying my whiskey and listening to a live band while reflecting on the past week. And what a fucking week it's been.
Lately, it seems like everyone around me is SO negative. After having a fabulous week and wanting to share my experiences with my friends, they are in terrible moods. It is difficult to share my positivity and stories when everyone is so down, and it makes me feel guilty for having an awesome life right now.

Typically, I am the girl with the sunshine trying to make everyone feel better. But this week I just want to enjoy my accomplishments, and I find myself pulling away from negative people, even though I am super close to a few of them.
Perhaps this becomes a part of self-care. I still listen to my friends and try to be inspirational, but I REFUSE to allow them to bring me down or hinder my enjoyment of the wonderful things in my life. Does that make me a bad person? At this point I don't think so. I should be able to enjoy all the fabulous things in my life and not feel guilty about sharing them. I wish everyone the best and I hope things get better for them. And with the right attitude, it will.
Power of positivity goes along way! Keep your head up and embrace all this life has to offer!

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