Saturday, May 20, 2017

Scary Is Worth It

I'm about to do something really scary, and it both frightens and excites me. I made a decision to do this scary thing a couple of months ago because I believe in it.
The thing that I'm going to do is irrelevant to this discussion, but let's just say that my anxiety blows through the roof thinking about the millions and millions of possible failures that could occur. Some of them could be truly devastating, to not only me but, to the people around me. I'm an 8-steps-ahead sorta gal, so the possibility that I might be blindsided by something outside of my control and predictive nature makes my butt cheeks sweat.
That said... I'm doing it.

What follows are the reasons I am ready to do my scary thing and how I've found success in the past when approaching something that frightens the piss outta me:

1. It's an educated decision. 
I think I've done enough background homework and pulled and tugged around the edges of my scary thing enough to feel mostly educated about it. I'm as informed on the possible pitfalls as I can be. I'm comfortable that I can handle the things that are within my control and confident that I know exactly what I can't control - therefore, I'm able to release myself from the pressure of trying to control uncontrollable things. I know where the line in the sand is: the things that are on me vs. the things that are not. Above all, I know myself and know what I'm capable of. Everything is less scary when you pair your knowledge of yourself with a deep knowledge of your scary thing.

2. I treat it with attention and care and do my very best.
When I step into something scary it is similar to feeling my way through a dimly lit room in my house. I know the pitfalls in my house. I know where the furniture is and where the corners of the room jut out. However, I still walk slowly and put my hands out in front of me - just in case. I pay attention and I proceed with care. I make small, orchestrated decisions along the way, and I do my best to get where I'm going.

3. I accept there will be small failures and setbacks.
There will always be the proverbial toe stub when doing something scary. Just that one wrong move through the dim room when you accidentally move your foot too quickly and smack the fuck out of your toe. That shit hurts every time, doesn't it? But you don't abandon ship and just sit down in the middle of the room, do you? No. You holler, cuss, and hop around for a few minutes, and then you pull your shit together and keep going. Such is life when doing the scary thing. I'm going to have small failures and brief setbacks. I know and accept them ahead of time so that it doesn't feel like the end of the world when it happens. And when it does, I will holler, cuss, and hop around for a few minutes until I can pull my shit together and keep going.

4. I figure it out.
Being flexible is of paramount importance when you're doing something scary. I guarantee I will encounter a variety of unexpected - and sometime unpleasant - events on my journey with my scary thing. If I'm educated about my scary thing,  pay attention to it and do my best, and accept and persevere through my failures, then I'm well-equipped to make adjustments. I have the knowledge, the focus, and the humility to adjust to the vast majority of situations that could arise. I know in advance I will be constantly switching gears along the way, and I've prepared myself to do just that.

5. I win or I learn. So either way, I win.
Pretty self-explanatory. I will either be successful in my scary thing endeavors, or I will fail. But if I fail, I will have tried my damnedest, had a wild ride along the way, and learned more than I knew before I tried it. So, really, I can't lose.
And neither can you. Get out there and do something that scares you!

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