Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pinterest Mom?

I'm not sure when it happened, but I have become one of those crazy, fancy kid birthday party moms. I've always been a big fan of celebrating birthdays. I used to take off work for my birthday every year because working on my birthday was dumb. As an adult, I've thrown big shindigs for my own birthday and for friends' birthdays. However, when it comes to my kids I have tasked myself with upping the ante.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have a plethora of ideas at my fingertips. My daughter has a December birthday, so I make ornaments as party favors for her parties. My son is a bit obsessed with dinosaurs right now, so I've spent every spare moment of my life making a leafy vine that will hang all over the house and with purchasing every single dinosaur toy for sale in any store. I've come up with themed menus that I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart would be proud of. If I had a dream job, party planning would be it.

That being said, I am one of the least tidy and organized people I know. I was never the kid with the spotless bedroom growing up. A part of it probably comes from my mom's insistence on me keeping my room and the house clean. My rebellious nature meant that I went to the opposite extreme of her demands. Another reason I am this way is that I focus on the big things, but I tend to neglect the small details. Our house will be decorated for this party immaculately but putting away clean laundry is similar to torture as far as my mind is concerned.

How many other women are like this? Maybe I'm the only one. Big family events? I'm on my A-game. The day to day mundane events? I struggle to be focused 100%. I know it's a problem. I know I need to be there for both the big things and the small things. Life is comprised of more small events than big events. And kids remember the mundane things more than they'll remember the birthday parties.

So, while I'm still going to go all out for this party, I need to go all out for the other 364 days too.

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