Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Proud Mama Moments

Last night I went to my school's prom. I haven't been to prom since my own high school days. Since I wasn't an official chaperone, I technically just got to observe. In our small town before prom, everyone gathers on the town square to take pictures. It's a family affair. Few people have professional pictures taken at prom because they'd rather take them at the square. It's fun to go see all the kids dressed up "like princesses" as my daughter says.

This year I focused on watching the moms at the square, who were watching their babies look all grown up. They were sending them off to one of the last hoo-rahs of high school. Even though I'm on the opposite end of this parenting journey, I could see familiar expressions on their faces. My kids are 2 and 3, so my own kids' prom experiences are a long way away. But the looks of love and pride I saw last night are the same ones I have when my kids eat their food or pee in the toilet. The excitement those moms felt knowing that their kids were geared up to have an absolutely magical night is the same excitement I feel when my kids are opening their Easter baskets. The worry and apprehension those moms felt about watching their babies load up in their limos and party buses is the same I feel when my kids learned to walk and fell, or when they tell me, "No, Mama! I do it all by myself."

As moms we try not to worry about everything our kids do. We try to give our kids the freedom to grow and learn, even though we know that with that growth and freedom comes pain. But no matter if our kids are 2 or 18, we view them as our babies. We are excited about every victory and mourn every loss.

And we love them more and more every single day.

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