Friday, March 24, 2017

Stay At Home Heroes

I'm playing stay-at-home mom this week. It's spring break and to save money, hubs and I decided that I would keep the kids. I'm also watching my niece since my brother has to work. With the exception of the newborn phase which I unsuccessfully tried to delete from memory, I have never been so tired in my life! My kids are 2 and 3, and my niece is 4. I'm not sure how full time stay-at-home moms do this.

This week, one of my goals is to complete my planning for the rest of the school year. I teach seniors and we're about to begin studying Shakespeare. This is my favorite time of the semester, and I want to prepare the material while I have time. I have successfully moved my school bag from my car to the kitchen table to the floor by my bed. That's it! Last night after the kids went to bed, I passed out before I could even open the bag.

Another lofty goal of mine is spring cleaning. I'm attempting the konmari method in my house - to rid  my home of everything that doesn't bring me joy. Right now, all that brings me joy is wine, nap time, and the fact that I'm taking an hour to myself when hubs gets home tonight, so I can escape from little people. That's it!

I also planned to take the kids to the park every day. We've enjoyed warm, almost hot, weather for the past few weeks. I'm talking temps near 80! Even the flowers were all blooming. Naturally, this week we're under freeze warnings and have had snow and sleet all week. No park. No escape.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, you are a superhero. Seriously. You don't get nearly enough praise and gratitude for what you do every day. The fact that you keep the kids alive and don't burn the house down is a testament to your strength. And if you can do this with more than 3 kids, you're phenomenal! I'm not trying to wish away my spring break, but I look forward to returning to work and getting a break from the nonstop rotation of kids movies playing in my house. Don't get me wrong. I like Trolls and Moana, but it's only Wednesday, and I've watched them both no fewer than 50 times each.

And if there are stay-at-home dads out there, thank you too! I know y'all get even less recognition for this job. You are appreciated, even if no one tells you so.

If you know a stay-at-home mom (or dad), give them a hug. Thank them for what they do. Offer them caffeine and wine! Ask if they need any help. And appreciate the fact that they are real life superheroes!

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