Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Finding The Positive

It is Lenten season. I have never been Catholic, but for some reason, I am always drawn to the idea of giving something up to better my life. Some years I give up Diet Coke; other years I give up fried food. This year, I'm giving up (or trying to give up) being defensive in my relationships and my negativity.

I've been married for a few years now, and we're well past the "honeymoon phase" of our marriage. We're now to the "if he leaves the toilet seat up one more time, I'm going to clean the toilet with his toothbrush" phase. (Anyone else? Just me? Awesome.) Don't get me wrong. I truly love my husband and love being with him. However, we have become too complacent and comfortable with each other. I can't speak for him, but I know that I am so quick to get frustrated and defensive, especially with him. And I know that I am being defensive even in the middle of a nonsensical tirade! So, I'm trying to change that. So far, I've failed twice *hangs head in shame* but I think he's noticing! We have two small kids and I don't want them to learn these bad habits from watching us fight or argue. So, to my husband, I promise I'm trying to not be so defensive against you! Despite my display of completely defensive behavior against you last night. LOVE YOU!!

The other thing I MUST get rid of or decrease in my life is negativity! (Decrease... negativity... get it?!) It's easy to say that the world is going to Hell in a hand basket, but things are also pretty badass if you look for the good. My son, who is almost 2, kinda almost said "I love you" a few nights ago. This mama was a complete puddle! It's also been warm where we live since the beginning of February, so we play outside nearly every day. And the flowers!! The buttercups are in full bloom. If you can pass a big patch of buttercups and not smile, you are clearly not looking at the flowers. Yes, there are many bad and horrible things going on, and I am in no way saying that I am ignoring them. Instead, I am trying to be more focused on the good along with the bad. When I am with my kids, I am working on being there completely. When I am at work with my students, I am working on being there completely. When I am with my husband, I am working on being there completely. Again, I am not perfect at this, but I can see a difference already.

It's so easy for us to get caught up in the negative around us. When we make a conscious effort to focus on and accentuate the positives, no matter how small, it can make a tremendous impact on our lives and our world.

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