Tuesday, February 28, 2017


There are some things in life where a participation ribbon is enough. We go, we do, we are done. For other things we race to win because we must win. We fight, claw, push, and never give up. There is purpose to our race.

Are you standing by complacent or pushing towards your goals?
How do you win? How do you push?
Can others see you are pushing?
Are they inspired? Are you inspired?

Lately, I've been focusing too much on the win. I've been trying to get through each day and feel a win. This has worked for me, but when I stop and look up I realize it is not getting me anywhere. I am stagnant. I've become the proverbial hamster on the wheel. Sure, I'm good for today, but tomorrow the same cycle continues, and it is exhausting. There have been times in my life that I've lived this way one moment, one day at a time, because that was all I could do to survive. But I'm not there any more. I am beyond that in a better place, yet I am still living in survival mode. I still count each breath as a win. I'm more than that, and I need to act like it. I must stop celebrating each teeny tiny thing in my life as a win. I will look ahead and make some big decisions.

My life is good, but not great, and that's because I've become satisfied with "just enough." But I want more. I want to challenge myself, and get out of this rut of "fine." I want to start winning big, and inspiring myself and others around me. Enough is not enough anymore. This is where I am in my journey, and if I don't move I'm going to lose, and those around me will lose too. How can I tell my daughter to push if I'm not? The answer is - I can't. One of my favorite lines from The Incredibles is when Mr. Incredible says, "They keep creating ways to celebrate mediocrity..." I'm done celebrating my mediocrity. I don't want to look back with regret and think, "that's all?" I'm so much more. I want to plant those seeds of do/go/push/excel for others. How can I expect the world to be better if I'm not willing to be better myself?

So, no more celebrating the ability to make it through another day. I've grown beyond that. I'm done just participating. I'm here to truly win!

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