Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Live In the Moment; Take the Risk

If I have learned anything recently, it is that in order to create memories and experiences you must learn to jump.

It is alarming to think that the next time we see someone might be the last time. Because of this, I am discovering that there is nothing wrong with being completely straightforward. It is riskier to repress what we feel than to shout it from the rooftops. Fear of rejection is normal, and vulnerability is beautiful.

My favorite conversations in the last few months occurred at 4am, while I was drunk, and were filled with pure honesty. Too tired to hide the truth, my heart agrees to allow someone to see the dark side of me. Sometimes my biggest struggle is to keep an open heart after it has been dragged through the mud so many times. But becoming numb to heartbreak is not an option I will ever choose.

I wish to live in the moment, to express how I feel to those around me, and to not care about rejection and others' opinions. To be swept away in the moments that matter and not allow negativity to enter my life are some of my goals.

I want my daughters to learn that it's okay to feel everything and to learn how to handle the different emotions they experience. And to not be afraid to tell people what they mean to them.

Life is an adventure meant to be experienced. We can't grab all that life offers if we don't go out on a limb and reach for it. We must live in each moment, and tell others how we feel and how important that they are to us. Let us all be thoughtful and kind to each other. We may never experience the next moments, so let's live for the ones we have.

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