Thursday, February 2, 2017

Finding Yourself Under All Your Hats

Often I am overwhelmed by the responsibility of wearing so many different hats in my life. Each of my hats represents a different personality. My main qualities always shine through, but I am a slightly different person depending on a task or job. My careers are on completely different ends of the spectrum, and yet require many of the same quirky parts of my personality. I live a double life.

In my professional daytime life, I am a nurse. My daily goal is to keep people alive. At night, I am a waitress. Two nights a month, I work at a local bar.  On those nights I am still a professional, but in a different way. I am able to relax and have a little more fun with my customers. But the nurse in me doesn't disappear on those nights - I am always observing and watching. I'm also a mom. I have a teenage daughter and it is hard to find the balance between being her friend and being her mom.

Sometimes I catch myself questioning who I am. On those days, I feel that I am strolling down a path of growth and light. It is in those moments, where I am feeling lost in my pile of hats, that I find myself. I hope that I can share the growth that I experience and help others find themselves. Whether I am performing CPR or serving a beer, I am a part of someone's life, even if just fleetingly. 

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make. If I have brought a smile, stopped your tears, shared your tears, or touched you with a little joy and happiness, then I am making the kind of difference that is important to me. Spreading happiness and badassery everywhere I go - mission accomplished!

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