Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Master Of Your Own Body

Sex is amazeballs, but it can also be a comedy of horrors. Nobody dates anymore. Instead they "Netflix & chill." It's all about the hookup, the No Strings Attached (NSA) fun, and the Tinder swipes. There's no charm or romance anymore, but there is a lot of sex. Some of it is so horrid that we laugh until we cry while retelling the tale to our girlfriends on wine night.

But why is it so bad? 

Today's dating world is full of men and women who have free, easy access to porn on the internet. If there's a kink for it, then there's usually a video depicting it. Access to even the most obscure and unusual fetish is so prevalent that more and more women are subjected to uncomfortable encounters because it looked hot in a porn video he saw once.

The scariest part, however, is that we let these men reenact their fantasies because we assume it is expected of us. We forget that most porn films are made by men, for men, and are derived from male fantasy. The key word here is fantasy. It's not realistic! Maybe you open the door for the pizza boy in nothing but a thong and 6-inch heels, but that's your business. Ask any delivery driver - this never actually happens. (Though 99.7% of male pizza drivers say it would be hot if it did.)

Women should never be expected to grin and bear it during a sexual encounter just because the idea of it turns him on. Never be afraid to say, "No. I don't like that." If you're worried that you'll lose him, fuck that nonsense. Every sexual encounter should be mutually satisfying. If your partner is skilled and caring, he'll make sure of that. If you're a "Netflix & chill" kind of girl, then be aware of your sexual needs, likes, dislikes, and run the show like a boss. Get what you came for and make sure it isn't a marathon of Gilmore Girls.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't try new things, but if it makes you uncomfortable you can say stop. You can say no. You can get up, put on that adorable bra and panty set that he didn't even see in the heat of removing all of your clothes at once, and walk right out the door.

You are a goddess. You are the master of your own body. You are unchained as fuck.

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