Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Man You Can Really Count On

I always hear that the only man a girl can depend on is her father. I don't know who in the fuck came up with that phrase, but I call bullshit. I certainly don't need a father figure to depend on. My sperm donor has barely existed since my mom discovered she was pregnant with me. I didn't even know who he was until I was 8 years old. After struggling to form a decent relationship with him for years, now I avoid him at all costs. But that's another story...

My amazing mom and little brother are my family, and I can't imagine life without them. Though I am 10 and a half years older than my brother, the age difference has never mattered. I took care of him when he was young. Even after I moved out, he frequently spent the night with me. It has been just as awesome to watch him grow up as it has been watching my daughters.

Now that we are adults (I am 32, and he is 21), we are closer than ever. He is incredibly close to my daughters also. We talk several times a week. Though we are both busy adults, we make it a priority to grab lunch between classes or grab a drink after work. We are both pursuing the same degree at the same college but with different focuses, and I love that we can take classes together.

Our conversations are never dull. If I call him he always has a solution, or at least a smart ass answer, for everything. He encourages me to chase after my biggest dreams, and he is not afraid to criticize my dating life. Sometimes it's an annoyance to be reminded of my mistakes, but I know he only wants what is best for me. And he has learned from my mistakes, too.

There are many days when I don't know what I would do without my brother. I am grateful that we are so close because I treasure the memories that we create. My best stories include him, and I look forward to our future shenanigans. I used to be jealous of the girls who had their daddies growing up. But ya know what? I've got my brother, and he will never walk out.

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