Thursday, December 1, 2016

Standing Rock: Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

I've spent the last couple of weeks questioning humanity. There is so much hate running through our country that sometimes it's hard to find the good in humanity. Basic decency seems to be a thing of the past. Because of this I am questioning my role in trying to change all the negativity that clings to us everyday. My heart aches for the daily injustices of our black and brown brothers and sisters hurting and looking for allies to stand beside them. Where is our empathy?

This is why I'm leaving for Standing Rock on Thursday, December 1st to deliver supplies to the healers tent and to stand in solidarity with our Native American brothers and sisters, who are targeted and attacked while peacefully praying for the safety of their water. The Dakota Access Pipeline defenders have stepped up their brutal assaults on water protectors and the situation is escalating. I started a funding page to help with my trip and it has been over halfway financed in less than 24 hrs. The goodness of people in the last 24 hrs has been just the reassurance I need not to lose faith in humanity. When goodness emerges, amazing things happen.

The only explanation I have for the urgency of my trip is that it is a calling. Everything in me and around me is telling me to go, that now is the time.

An eviction notice has been given to Oceti Sakowin Camp with a deadline of Monday, December 5th. The Camp is refusing removal. Ironically this date is the birthday of General George Custer, who was defeated on these same lands in 1876. I pray that the same scenario doesn't repeat itself and that no more blood is shed.   

The world is Standing up for Standing Rock. On Sunday, December 4th, 1500 Veterans will arrive at camp, and they have vowed to protect the water protectors. Many say this is the first time they are fighting for their country and not fighting for oil. Those words struck me straight to the core. Blessings to these brave Veterans. Although their main goal is to protect and serve the Natives, this will be a healing process for them and for all of us. Ceremony, sweat, smoke, and prayers. I'm excited to share my journey.


Kimmy Jane

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