Wednesday, December 21, 2016


As we mentioned in an earlier article, there are a veritable ton of reasons you should think about joining the UJ team as a Tribune (this what we call our amazingly kickass writing contributors). Who doesn't want free stuff and awesome swag from the baddest-ass women's site out there? We promised you details on what we are looking for and what the requirements will be - and here they are! We are looking for some fellow badass women to join our team and help with our mission: Promoting confidence in women, pushing toward gender equality, and connecting women to the information and support they need to create the amazing lives they deserve.

We are currently accepting only THREE people onto the writing team. The requirements to become a UJ Tribune are as follows:

1. 3-Month Commitment: Current commitment term will run from January 8, 2017, through April 2, 2017. If you wish to continue your commitment after the initial 3-month term, your request will be considered and approved/disapproved in April 2016. To give you an idea of how tight of a group we have, 85% of our writers are staying on with us from last quarter of 2016!

2. Access: You must have reliable access to Internet and email and have general knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will be assigned a UJ email to facilitate internal interaction with the UJ team.

3. Contributions: You must be willing to contribute written content - specifically, a total of 6 written articles over the commitment term:

January 2017 = 1 article

February 2017 = 2 articles

March 2017 = 3 articles

* Due Dates for articles will be given once you are approved as a UJ Tribune. All articles topics must be approved in advance by an executive member of the UJ team.

4. Confidentiality & Non-disclosure: You must agree to keep all knowledge you acquire about the internal organization of UJ completely confidential and sign a legally binding Non-Disclosure agreement. As you know, we write anonymously. For good reason (mostly, because we like to feed our children with the jobs we all have). We'd like to keep it that way. We require you to use a pen name so that you can freely and fearlessly write about any topic you feel is important to you.

5. Spreading the Word: You must agree, as often as is feasible, to like, comment, tag people, and share our social media content and articles through your own personal social media pages. We also welcome you to invite people to like our social media pages through word-of-mouth and the "Invite Friends to Like This Page" function on Facebook.

6. Internal Participation: You must participate in internal group discussions (think: group chat) and support and help the other UJ Tribunes in their writing process - this includes brainstorming UJ article ideas, sharing articles you find that have an impact on women's issues, and generally being a good teammate to your fellow Tribunes and to the UJ crew. We will even take any memes, articles or videos that you think should be shared on our social media pages! Also, we will likely let you run wild with our Twitter feed and Instagram account. 

7. Approval Process: You must have a desire to further gender equality, build confidence in women, connect women to information and support that could be useful to them - and, generally, support ALL women. We are a sisterhood here at Unchained Jane and we feel that the world could use a lot more of that - so that's what we put out there!

If you would like to apply, please email us at: We will then send the UJ Questionnaire (it's fairly short) to you to complete and return to us. The Questionnaire is a handful of questions and requires a little writing to get a flavor for your written communication abilities and perspective. The application process will close by December 31, 2016, so please be sure you submit the Questionnaire to us before that date. We will send emails out to those who have been approved to join the team before January 6, 2017.

Make sure you check out the perks of joining the team HERE. We look forward to meeting all of you amazingly badass women and working with you over the coming months!


The Unchained Jane Team

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