Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stop Sacrificing Your Dignity For Money

What is more important: money or dignity?

Dignity will always be my answer.

I was raised by my widowed great-grandmother who, at 65 and way beyond her years of earning money to raise a family, took in a 3-year old little girl. She graciously welcomed me into her home and took small jobs in our tiny town to make sure I had clothes on my back and food on my plate. At an early age, I learned the importance of love and family, and that money isn't everything. I didn't ask for the expensive gifts that all of my friends received for Christmas or birthdays because we didn't have the money for those things. I was neither bitter or jealous of my friends; it was simply how it was. As I grew older, my great-grandmother taught me the importance of integrity, and if I hadn't earned something, then it wasn't worth having.

I carried that wisdom with me through my early adult life and now into my mid-thirties. The lessons I learned from my hard working great-grandmother inspired me to work my ass off in whatever job I had; otherwise, I didn't earn or deserve the benefits of a paycheck. After years of hard work, I have no complaints about my life. I live in a modest home. I kicked my husband out of our closet because I have too many clothes and shoes - a Michael Kors and Kate Spade addiction that cannot be satisfied. Often I am excited about something going well in my life, and I tell friends about it. Their response  is "you are so lucky." I reply, "No, it isn't luck. I worked hard for these things."

For the past few years, my friend has experienced rough times in her marriage and life. She is very unhappy and even considered cheating on her spouse. She doesn't want to be with her husband, but the reason she stays is money. He is the breadwinner, and she only works part-time, so she feels that she cannot survive without him. Instead of being happy and having dignity, she chooses money.

As I hear similar stories, a unifying theme runs through all of them: They are women who are trapped in unhappy marriages because they are too comfortable with the money their husbands are supplying. NO! No amount of money is more important than your dignity and happiness. 

Ladies, we need to rise up, work hard, and take pride in our accomplishments. We must stand up for ourselves. If we don't continue to work hard and fight for our dignity, we will undermine the equality for which our predecessors fought so hard. We must continue their work so future generations of women know they are equal to men and they deserve equal rights and pay - and to be able to choose dignity.

So, what will you choose?

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