Thursday, November 10, 2016

Making Your Daughter's Dreams Happen

All my life I have chased my dreams. I married, had a child, bought a house, had a stellar job, and then divorced - all before I was 23. After my divorce, I fought my way back to the top. Nothing was more important to me than making sure my daughters were cared for, and I still accomplished all the things in life that I wanted to. My girls always talk about what they want to be when they grow up. I tell them they can be whatever they want to be.

Recently, as I struggled with my own career path, my oldest daughter approached me with her eyes full of light and passion, and she told me that she wanted to start her own glam makeup and special effects business. In that instant, my wants no longer mattered. There was a light in her eyes that I hadn't seen in a long time. And I knew that I wanted to help her realize her dreams more than I wanted to pursue mine.

I told her that we would make her dream happen. At 15-years-old, this girl has crazy artistic talent. Whether she is drawing, painting, singing, or doing some form of makeup, her amazing capabilities shine bright. She always impresses me and others with her mad skills, so it only makes sense to support her and help make her dreams a reality.

So my goal is to do whatever it takes to help my daughter achieve her dream. She seldom has confidence in her abilities and talents, so for her to approach me with a business idea is purely amazing. That in itself is an accomplishment for me. We fight depression and anxiety in our household, and I am always grateful for the good days. That is why helping her make her dreams come true is so important to me - because it means she is in a happy place and is aware of how totally badass she really is!

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