Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Motivation: Strong Is Sexy

In June, I noticed that I wasn't quite fitting into my clothes anymore. It wasn't extreme, but we all know when it happens, don't we?

After pouting and wishing didn't change the situation, I took proactive measures. I joined a gym. It was terrifying because I had never been a member of a gym before. My insecurities about being heavy and everyone judging me were overwhelming. I was nervous because I didn't know how any of the machines worked. I made a long list of excuses for why I shouldn't go to the gym, which included my guilt from picking gym time over family time, that I would probably fail anyway, and that I would make a fool of myself.

BUT I did it. I committed myself and, after agreeing to be automatically debited the monthly gym membership, I was going to pay for it whether I went or not. 

Coincidently, at the same time, I fell to peer pressure and signed up to run my city's biggest half marathon. What the actual fuck was I thinking?!? Now I had really stepped in it. After deciding that I needed help to make my gym visits more purposeful, I enlisted the help of the gym's free personal trainer. 

Now, I can say she helps me immensely. She takes my measurements (ouch) and guides my fitness goals. She is a wonderful motivator, but... I am convinced she is trying to kill me. The workouts are hard, and I feel like jello when I'm done. EVERY TIME. But I am also getting stronger.

For the past 2 months, I work out 5-7 days per week. The numbers on the scale aren't exactly where I want them, which is a little discouraging, but I'm stronger. And my arms look killer! 

Here's what I've learned from this experience:

1. Time spent working on yourself is not wasted time. 

2. I am amazed at what my body can do. 

3. The "I can't" is in your head and not your body. 

4. I will be sore at least once a week. 

5. Seriously, my arms are fantastic. 

6. I am a badass!

Don't do it to get skinny. Do it to become strong because strong is sexy. 

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