Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Blame The Cheater, Not The Cheatee

There were always random catfights at my middle and high schools. Being a peaceful chick, I never understood why two girls would attack each other's throats, faces, or hair. What always bothered me most was that the majority of these fights were about a boy - a stupid, (probably) stinky douchebag boy. Most of the time, the douchebag fuckhead was playing both girls and cheating on one with the other, or making attempts to cheat. 

So many stupid boys cheat. It's a well-known fact since the caveman times when Brutus would see a new Betty, grab her by the hair, and drag her back to his man-cave to spontaneously fornicate at his whim. The process may be more sophisticated now, but it's essentially the same thing. At least 50% of partners in relationships cheat. And, since the sexual revolution which included the legalization of the pill, it's been said that as many females cheat these days as men. It's a sad fact for the faithful types, but people cheat. They just do. 

As a peaceful, non-violent person, physical aggression wasn't my first thought when I discovered that my partner cheated on me. But I fully comprehend the furious anger and nasty feelings the situation provokes. However, what I can't understand is why women typically choose to deal with their cheating man by beating the ass of, hating the guts of, and/or harassing the living fuck out of the other Betty? What is this even about? This has been a burning question in my mind for most of my life.

I understand why this Betty isn't your favorite person and why you aren't adding her to your Christmas list, but to assault her because your man can't be faithful? It doesn't make sense. And won't a cheating man always find someone else to cheat with? Because, if I've learned anything from my experience with cheating men, they are going to cheat one way or another. Rarely is it a case where these men would have been faithful if only they hadn't met so-and-so. Cheaters will cheat at any and every opportunity.

So, how is this at all about the woman with whom your man betrayed you? Does this woman know you exist? Does she know that your partner is even in a relationship? The odds are high that she's been played as well. Why are we beating this woman up who's essentially been wronged just as you have? Will kicking her ass really make your man faithful? Why are most women so eager to blame the other woman? 

I wonder how different the world would be if women truly stuck together - like a pack of devoted wolves. What if we collectively made a Worldwide-Woman Pact to refuse to have sex with any men suspected of being in a relationship? The only women left for men to cheat with would be hookers. (If your man hires hookers when he has you at home keeping his bed warm and sexually funky, then he needed to be gone last month anyway! Too-da-loo, motherfucker, and good riddance!) Seriously, if we all honored this secret pact, then those cheating douchebags would be shit out of luck to find a Betty with whom to cheat. 

As for the woman who didn't know or were duped by your douchebag man just like you were, why don't we gather our forces together and blame the cheating douchebag? The other woman may be as hurt and betrayed as you. Isn't the man the one who needs his ass kicked (or whatever the devil on your left shoulder whispers in your ear to do) for vindication? 

It seems so simple to me how much better we females would have it - how much more in control over these ugly situations we would be - if we truly considered ourselves a tribal team who have each other's backs. We can be a unified force of nature who stop blaming and attacking each other, and, instead, focus on how to protect each other from this bullshit. Start putting the blame on the real culprit - the assclowns who cheat on you! 

Will this ever be possible?

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