Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kindness Is Part Of Being A Badass Woman

When I'm asked what my greatest strength is, my answer is always kindness. When asked what my greatest weakness is, my answer is always kindness. Some people give me perplexed looks because they believe it is not possible for kindness to be both an asset and a flaw. But let me tell ya' something: Kindness is both.

I am the girl who searches for angels inside of demons. I always go out of my way for others and sometimes people take advantage of that. I forget that not everyone will reciprocate the kindness they receive. After being repeatedly told that I am too nice, I hardened up, learned to set boundaries. and became very particular with whom and what I allow in my life.

But even when I know that people are toxic, I have a hard time walking away from them. I feel an uncanny urge to fix people. Learning that I can't save everyone is a struggle some days. I chose my career path - nursing - because I wanted to help people. It's just a part of me.

I will never regret bringing someone their favorite coffee. I will always hold a door or help carry things. I will answer my phone at 2 a.m. on workdays when you need a listening ear. I will hug you while you sob on my kitchen floor for whatever reason torments you. I will ask a million times if you are okay because there have been times when I wasn't okay, and no one asked me if I was. I will forever be a person you can count on because everyone needs someone in their corner. I have a few good friends in my corner, and I am more than happy to be in yours. 99.9% of the time kindness will be my best attribute. It may be a flaw sometimes, but being kind is a major source of strength for me. It sure as hell doesn't make me weak.

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