Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dear Misogynistic Justice System, What If HE Was Asking For Rape?

Dear Misogynistic Justice System:

I'm overwhelmed with curiosity, fear, and disgust. 

I am writing this at home, scantily-clothed, while having a dangerously delicious glass of bold red. Am I asking for it right now? What about after my next glass of wine, still scantily-clad and slightly more inebriated and, dare I say, in a more provocative state of mind? What about if I walk onto my enclosed porch to smoke a cigarette and someone walks by my house and sees me scantily dressed and daring to drink and think so provocatively? Am I asking for it then? 

What if I'm your painfully shy and awkward little sister, your saintly and prudish mother, or your insecure and blossoming daughter? Am I asking for it then? 

What if I'm underage and drinking anyway? What if I'm your grandmother and my scant clothing is less attractive than on a 20-year-old? Is your grandma's sexy pink dress asking for it like mine is? What if I'm your new girlfriend and I've had a plethora of sexual partners before you? How about then? Am I intentionally provocative then? 

What does "provocative" mean to you? Do you even understand the word?

Because I am definitely sitting here in provocative clothing, thinking provocative thoughts. But my thoughts are not about sex or attraction... My provocative thoughts are about a 15-year-old girl attending a party and being raped by a group of "talented athletes." "Talented athletes" who laugh about peeing on her and post on social media calling their victim a "sloppy slut." That shit provokes the fuck out of me. 

Beyond that, I am furiously provoked by our misogynistic judicial system, which is full of ignorant judges who quietly smirk behind closed courtroom doors. What thoughts go through your mind, you archaic-minded chauvinist pigs, as you watch the disgusting evidence and deliver a slap on the wrist to protect the future of proven rapists? Do you remember your own "5 minutes of action" once? Are you grateful you weren't exposed or caught? 

Now, imagine she is your insecure daughter, or your painfully shy little sister being dragged around in that videotape. She's drunk and underage, scantily dressed and having provocative thoughts about being liked and accepted. Maybe she's the girl next to you in Algebra class who quietly struggles at home with parental abuse and desperately craves attention. Maybe these are the thoughts that provoked her to wear that pretty pink dress so that her crush would notice her? Or maybe, unsure of her pink dress, she provocatively selected ripped jeans and a slutty tank top because she is trying to protect herself from the scrutiny of mean girls? Maybe she is at that party trying to muster courage to talk to her crush or sit with the popular girls, so she's having provocative thoughts about alcohol. That wine looks so sexy, so grown up, and the cool girls are all drinking it. Maybe the alcohol is so provocative that she momentarily forgets that diabetics can't handle alcohol as well as others. Does the alcohol promise to disguise all her insecurities for just a little while? Just long enough to be the cool girl at the party and get noticed by her crush, or the girlfriends she wishes she had? Did she really ask to be the drunk, slutty girl at the party being raped and passed around like a blow-up doll at a bachelor party?

Was she asking to ever in her life be that shy, insecure girl from an abusive home at the party full of popular kids who don't acknowledge her at school? Was that who she chose to be? Is she really asking for it? Does she deserve it? Why in the fuck does her future matter less than the futures of shameless, drunk athlete rapists? 

Now, let me paint another picture of for you...

What if there's a talented athlete at a party who masks his insecurity with promiscuity and alcohol? Some little freshman sluts decide that he's begging to learn a little lesson. So they are provoked out of shame, anger, and hurt to slip a rufie in his beer and entice him to a bedroom where that group of girls he's "hit and quit" and bragged shamelessly about are waiting to give him exactly what he must really want? They can't force themselves inside him because they are girls, so they take turns shoving various sized dildos up his ass, passing him around like an inflatable rag doll, laughing at him for being such a helpless, nasty, little butt-slut. Is he asking for it? Did he choose those jeans that fit just right for the party and the shirt that provocatively enunciates his muscles like a girl's mouth enunciated "no" during that one "5 minutes of action" he had last year with the nerdy, smart girl, who's now in a video holding a dildo the size of his muscular forearm? He's a big, strong athlete wearing an armor of false confidence and drinking to feel cool, so if he is too incapacitated to enunciate words anymore, is he asking for it? What if you could see into the future and the smart, nerdy girl's future includes finding a cure for diabetes? 

Exactly whose future matters more then? The shameless, laughing, vindictive rapist's? Wasn't he asking for it too? Didn't he get exactly what he deserved for being too inebriated to say "no" and mean it? What sentence would you deem appropriate for the various futures involved in that video? 

Yeah, we thought so.

Provocatively Yours (and please go fuck yourself),

1 million past, present, and future Janes

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