Thursday, August 25, 2016

When Life Turns Upside Down

Life is an adventure in which terrible, scary, or difficult things may happen. Your reactions to these negative events can alter your entire life. When life jumps the rails, what actions do you take?
  • Do you remain paralyzed by inaction or fear?
  • Do you stay down and beaten?
  • Do you reach out a hand to ask for help?
  • Do you get up, dust yourself off, and walk down a new road?

No matter which action you choose, it will be painful. You may cry, bleed, and scream, but your choice determines how long the pain lasts. Will you carry it like a stone every moment of every day? Or will you cast it away? Will you face the pain and say, This will not define or control me. This will not be my story. Instead, it will be a building block for my new life and allow me to grow, learn, and overcome. I must face the pain head on and conquer it to move forward. I will become the "me" that I didn't even know existed.

There is no such thing as a clear-cut path in life. Every path has bumps, hills, valleys, and forks in the road. The key is to continue moving forward over these difficult terrains. When you stop and remain frozen, you cease living life. Yes, it hurts. You are going to want to rip your hair out to make the pain stop, but you can't. The choice is yours. Make the choice that will start you back on the path of life because the adventure isn't over. Emerging from the darkness into the light is so worth the fight!

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