Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Dynamic Woman, That's You

MOM... MOM!.... kids calling me... phone ringing... e-mail binging... TV on... and I am rushing out the door, always rushing, rushing, rushing. This is the story of my life. I take on too many things at once and try to do IT ALL. Being a woman is a rough and tough job and not for the weak. As I rush around daily to work, school, meetings, volleyball games, doctor appts, chores, friends, and gym, I think of all that being a woman encompasses. Yet, society still sends us mixed messages about our roles. Be skinny, but not too skinny. Be nice, but not a pushover. Be a bossy bitch. Be a natural beauty, but wear lipstick. Be lady-like. Wait, do everything that men do... Be an equal!

At times, I am frustrated with how to embrace being a woman while protecting my heart from the pain of trying to gain equal respect. I am frequently confronted with the realization that, despite our accomplishments, women still have a lot of work to do. A meeting in my office this very week reminded me of this - a meeting that, though initially I was super excited about, disappointed me so much. After a successful meeting, a colleague, who was anything but professional, felt it was appropriate to sexually harass me. I never gave him any indication that I was interested in him, and yet, he said the most unwelcome sexual comments to me. I am a woman of the same professional stature, yet still just a woman to him. Not an equal business partner, but a woman in the business industry that he could say whatever he wanted to, welcome or not. I was disappointed and beyond appalled. Why, after all of our accomplishments, are we still seen as "prey;" why is this okay? This is okay because we live in a society were men like my father live, where beating women and making statements like marrying his third wife was great because she handed over her weekly paycheck to him. Where inappropriate messages are assumed to be okay. Where unsolicited advances are a norm.

Being a WOMAN takes a badass, unique sort of human - one that nurtures and gives life, but who also handles business like a boss. Ladies - we are bosses, mommies, friends, and beautiful humans. As I acknowledge the work still to be done, I am proud of all of the progress that we have made as women. We adjust and persevere. We are the strength and the light. When I look at the strong women in my life, I know we are right for the hardest job in the world. We were made for it; we were made to conquer and initiate change. Life can be overwhelming. I don't know if rushing around and putting my lipstick on while driving and talking on the phone will ever end, and really that is okay because I know I'm made for the job. I am a boss. To all the rushing ladies (and those of you who figured out how not to rush around), you ARE the bearers of this difficult job. You are dynamic and brilliant.

 YOU are the women for the job.

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