Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Create Your Own Zen Space

Tranquility. Calm. Zen. 

These are a few of my favorite words because they signify peace, quiet, and relaxation. Do you know how often I experience these things? Only on rare occasions. In our house of nine people, peace and quiet are luxuries.

My family's latest project is to create a personal space for each member of our household. We are rearranging the house to make it more functional. In the midst of this, I created my own personal retreat and work station in my bedroom. Nevermind that I am writing this from the dining room table with company over today. Sometimes I function better in the midsts of chaos.

But most days, I need a quiet space where I can collect my thoughts, write, research, or watch what I want on Netflix. I placed a small desk between my closet door and bathroom door and decorated the wall above it with colorful, positive decorations and quotes. When I sit at my desk, I can concentrate on the tasks in front of me. That's a big deal for me, especially as I am working on a new business (ad)venture. The set up also allows me space to throw down a yoga mat and exercise. Everyone needs a chill area - a place where you can reflect on the day and what lies ahead. I created a clean, tidy space where I can be both productive and relaxed. All of these things are part of maintaining a healthy mind set.

Mental wellness allows you to feel better and to be more productive. Take my advice on this one - create a space that is all you. Retreat to it and relax. Blare super-loud music if that's your thing, or dim the lights and listen to instrumental music. (That's my thing.) Make it about you. It's your space!

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