Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When Words Hurt

Words are powerful. They can heal or damage us. Regardless of whether we choose to admit it, words affect all of us.

I just went through a shitty breakup where we both said hurtful things to each other. My emotions led me to say spiteful things. I apologized for what I said because I was truly sorry. He was not sorry, nor did he pretend to be. Of all the things he said to me, the words that hurt the most were that I was "selfish" and a "mistake." It would not have broken my heart to be called anything else, but those two little words just about killed me.

I spent weeks trying to wrap my head around the whole situation. I asked him why he said those words because I wondered if I was truly selfish and a mistake. Deep down I knew that I wasn't those things, but my mind couldn't let them go. I turned to my mom, my brother, my best friends, and I heard positive things about myself - that I was the least selfish person they knew or that I would never be a mistake. These conversations reminded me of my own self-worth. Positive words can empower us.

Now, it still hurts that he said those things about me. In questioning my character, I am reminded of my inner strength. I won't continue to allow myself to be beaten down or belittled by someone that doesn't see me for who I truly am.

Be careful with your words. Use them to be uplifting and kind. My breakup sucked. It was damaging on both ends, but I now see some humor in the situation. I will end on this note, "If I'm not the one, I'm the best mistake you ever made!" BOOM. 

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