Wednesday, July 27, 2016

EMPATHS: Protect Yourself

I am an empath. In a room full of individuals, I sense and understand each person's true emotions despite what his or her facial expression might otherwise convey. As a woman and a nurturer, comforting those who hurt deeply and celebrating others' joys  are part of my nature. Empathy is both a blessing and a curse. I love relating to others, but when others hurt, I hurt with them.

Being an empath specifically challenges me because I care too easily, too intensely, and too quickly. Others are drawn to my sympathetic nature. Though not everyone who approaches me has ill intentions, some do. There will always be those who seek personal gain in personal interactions. Awareness and avoidance of that type of personality are critical, whether one is an empath or not. It's taken me thirty-two years to realize that "no" is a valid answer. I cannot fill another's cup from an empty vessel, therefore I must protect my own emotions. Empathy is a wonderful and rare quality to possess, but it is important to remember that codependent relationships are unhealthy for both parties.

For empaths who can relate, spending time with "friends" may leave us drained like we just left our 9-5. Sometimes we have to reevaluate those we invest in and the size of that investment. At the end of the day, all of our capes are just bedsheets. None us were hired to save the world, and it's a monumental job for which to volunteer.

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