Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Life Hacks For Becoming a Badass Bitch

I am a 35-year old badass. I have been through it all. I have been dirt-broke, heart-broke, and spiritually-broke. I have been loved and left. I have survived all the things life has thrown at me, and I have learned a lot. I have made epic mistakes, sometimes multiple times. With all of that experience under my belt, I wanted to share with you a list of the things that I wish I had known coming into adulthood that may have helped me to become my current-day badass self just a bit earlier.

1. Find your tribe and love them hard. Your tribe is the fierce ladies you meet in life that feed your soul. They are there for you no matter what, and support you through all your worst times. Don't put them on the back burner when you find a new man. Don't forget them when you get a new job and are super busy. Instead, make time for these ladies. They will be the ones to pick you up when your heart is broken. So, see a movie, have a girls' night on the town, go to the spa, or have that much needed 3-hour long phone conversation.

2. Get your finances straight. Life super sucks when you are broke. I know money does not make people happy, but the lack of it sure as hell does. Pay your bills on time. Every time. Have a checking and a savings account. Once you start work, put at least $20 from every paycheck into your savings account. Think about setting up an "Oh Shit" account - basically, this is a savings account that is solely in your name and should never to be a joint account (no matter what). You stash away $20 per paycheck to ensure that you have a way out if you ever find yourself in a bad situation. Don't spend more money than you make, and don't ever live off credit cards. I know credit cards are appealing, but, in the long run, you end up paying double or triple what you spent. With compounding interest (which when creditors charge interest on the interest you're already paying) that debt just racks up every month - it's a vicious cycle that becomes difficult to get out of.

3. Learn to rely on yourself. Never put your life in someone else's hands or become dependent on them. Don't rely on a man; don't rely on your parents. Get an education and support yourself. Learn how to change a tire, change the air filter, balance your checkbook, use a lawn mower and a weed eater. Get a set of tools that you can use in your home. Being self-reliant and self-sufficient means that you are never bound to someone else. Being able to provide for yourself can mean you don't have to be stuck in a relationship because you have nowhere to go. Always have a way out, and always be capable of taking care of yourself. 

4. Don't settle. When you settle, you are not getting what you want or what you deserve. You will be involved in relationships during which you will be tempted to settle for "Mr. Right Now." But don't! You can have all the fun you want with "Mr. Right Now," but don't settle for forever with him. It only leads to heartache and hurt down the road. You are worth the wait. Additionally, divorce is messy and expensive. Wait to settle down until you figure what you truly want and need in a long-term relationship. If you find yourself already married to "Mr. Wrong," it is okay to get a divorce. Divorce is not a dirty word, and it can save you a lifetime of hurt. Remember to keep your expectations of a man realistic. Life is not a fairy tale, after all. 

5. Learn. Go to college. Get an education so you can have a career, not just a job. Then go ahead and learn some extra shit. Be the biggest baddest the world has ever seen at whatever you choose to do. It's hard for a woman competing in a man's world, but you can make your life so much easier by learning as much as possible. If your work offers a class, take it! If there is a seminar or upcoming class, sign up. It will be worth it! The more you know, the more of an asset you can and will be. 

6. Be selfish. Put yourself first, above everyone and everything else. You cannot be your best at work, in a relationship, as a parent, or as a friend if you do not care for yourself. Do whatever it is that makes you feel good, look good, and eases your mind. Learn to love exercise. Make it your mantra. It is easy to stay fit and healthy early on, but it is damn near impossible to get there if you don't start now. Take your vitamins and use good facial cream. Everything you do affects your skin, and your face is your business card. Make sure you are putting on a good face everyday. Take care of you. 

7. Stay true to you. Don't lose yourself. In this crazy, busy world, and with social media constantly screaming at you about how you should feel, what you should wear, and how you should dress, it is easy to conform. DON'T! Be the unique, crazy, one-of-a-kind you! Hold onto yourself, your opinions, your goals. Dare to be yourself and shine! The important people in your life will love the real you. So DO NOT lose that badass bitch!

The most important thing you can ever do for yourself is to BE YOU. Be the strong, independent, unique bitch you were born to be. From one badass Jane to another: Grab the world by the balls, love yourself, and rock on!

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