Thursday, May 12, 2016

(Respectfully) Sound Off on the Presidential Election Here

We wanted to write something a bit different this week. We have had a major couple of weeks in the presidential primary. We are down to one Republican candidate, Donald Trump, and very nearly down to one Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. They are both very divisive people in politics. And let's not forget Bernie Sanders. Should he happen to end up as the Democratic candidate, he is fairly radical himself.

So this week, we wanted to have a conversation with our Janes about the presidential race. We honestly want to hear your thoughts about our candidates this election cycle. This presidential race affects all of us, and we would like to hear your thoughts.
If you are Republican: How do you feel about Donald Trump as your candidate? Will you be voting for him? Do you vote along party lines no matter who the candidate is? Putting his generally offensive nature aside, do you think he is qualified to run the country?

If you are Democrat: How do you feel about Hillary Clinton as your candidate? Will you be voting for her? Do you vote along party lines, no matter the candidate? Between Hillary and Bernie, who do you think is better suited to run the country?

For everyone: Do you feel that you will be voting for a candidate that you like, or against a candidate that you don't like?

Ground rules for discussion:

Rule #1: Be Respectful. This is non-negotiable. Your comment will be immediately deleted if it is not respectful. Example:

NOT OK:  Donald Trump is the worst fucking piece of shit alive.
OK:  I won't be voting for Hillary Clinton because ______________. 

Rule #2: Refer back to number one.

We are looking forward to having a meaningful discussion with you badass ladies (and gents) out there. Let's hear it!

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