Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Superpowers of Prince

I don't know about y'all, but I have been glued to my computer reading everything I can get my hands on about Prince. I have always enjoyed his music and have come to realize that there were so many things about this man that I didn't know - all of which make me love him more. One thing that has stood out to me as I'm reading is how incredibly unique and androgynous his style was. Then I began to really dig deeper and saw so many things about his style that I only wish I could pull off.

His Shoes. OMG, his shoes. The man had the most fab shoe collection. He had heels, sneakers, and platforms galore. He is far more skilled at walking in heels than I am, and I have always been very jealous of this innate skill.

His Hair. Okay, so maybe we don’t want the exact hairstyles that Prince has worn, but I would sure as hell like to know how his hair always looked so utterly perfect. All the time. I envision him just waking up fabulous and neatly coiffed. Everything about his hair (including facial and body hair) was immaculate. The man could have been walking in a hurricane and still look perfect. I want that superpower.

Eye Makeup. Where do I start? He could pull off smokey-eye, cat-eye, smudged liner - you name it. His eyes always looked on point and his eye makeup was always the perfect compliment to whatever fabulous outfit he had on. Meanwhile, I end up looking like a cracked-out raccoon no matter what I try.

Monochromatic Outfits. No one pulls off one color head to toe like Prince. From classy all-white, to flashy head-to-toe gold sparkles, he looked incredible. No matter where he was or what he was doing. I would love to pull off all white without looking like a puffy marshmallow. Jealous.

His Presence. While not a tall man, you knew immediately when he was in the room. He commanded every venue he attended. Whether it was a cameo on a TV show, his own concert, or simply walking down the street, the man owned it. He was perfection and just oozed sultry sexiness. I mean, sometimes when I look at him, my panties melt. I would kill to have that kind of swagger. I also want this superpower.

His style was just one of many facets of pop culture that Prince influenced. His reach was felt in the fashion world, the music world, and across genders. The passing of Prince is truly a loss for humanity and we are forever grateful for him and his influence.

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  1. Prince LITERALLY had super powers. Check this out