Friday, March 25, 2016

Things To Say To A Woman Today To Make Her Fucking Day (PART 2)

Last week we sent you Part 1 of our list of things you can and should say to another woman to give her a little boost in her day. As we mentioned previously, we all really do need to hear these things once in a while, so why not start the trend today of telling all of the badass women you run into one of these simple, but meaningful statements to let her know that you see her and you recognize her badassery? What follows is Things To Say To A Woman To Make Her Fucking Day (PART 2):

7. Let me help you with that. Badass women can do anything. All by themselves. And if they don't know how, they'll most assuredly figure it out. That's just how they roll. That said, even strong women need help - and sometimes they have a tough time asking for it. So let's all agree to not make them ask for it. The next time you see another woman struggling a bit, step up! Voluntarily step in and just help her. Maybe it'll lift just a bit of weight off that we all know she's carrying on her shoulders.

8. Thank you. I really appreciate that. The word of the day in a woman's world is always UNAPPRECIATED. We do a million things - small and large - that go completely unnoticed or, at best, are rarely acknowledged. So the next time a woman does something for you that's a small, simple gesture, take her hand, look her in the eye, and tell her that you noticed and you're grateful.

9. You're a really great friend. Good friends are really hard to come by. The great ones may not even be in your life, day to day, but they are always there - lurking in the background (like a dedicated psychopath), randomly checking in on how things are going, showing you that they’re thinking of you (by sending you raunchy memes), and dropping everything in their life for you at the slightest hint of trouble. We all feel like shitty friends sometimes because we can’t dedicate as much time as we would like to our friendships, because, well, life is hectic. So the next time your girl reaches out to check in with you, make sure you remind her how much you value her efforts toward your friendship.

10. You're a really good example. *insert singing angels voice here* This little quip is literally all most women want to hear. We walk through our daily lives with the self-induced burden of always conducting ourselves how we would want our children, our friends, and our colleagues to treat others and us. It’s our own twisted version of The Golden Rule. Oddly, it’s also what I believe sets women apart from men: Women go beyond what can be seen on the surface level of any given occurrence. They think one or two steps further down the line – including how their reactions might model behavior for others. So, go ahead – point out to that woman how impressed you are with her stellar forethought.

11. You're a good human being. I use this phrase almost daily. And there’s a reason. As a society, we’ve become really good at ascribing intentions to others. For example, “Because you want to save money instead of letting me treat myself once in a while, you must not care about me and my wants.” In this case, we are basically assuming our human has selfish intentions in regards to saving money – as if there couldn’t possibly be another pure and reasonable motivation for wanting to save money. We have to stop putting intentions in people’s hearts. If we start from the premise of, “Saera, you are a good human being,” it makes every difficult subject matter that follows exponentially easier to navigate. So let’s start there - let's assume that every woman is a good human just doing the best she can. Even when it’s hard.

12. He's a dick. Fuck him. We all need to hear this once in a while from our band of sisters. We would love to believe that most men are stand-up guys, but, honey, sometimes they’re not. Sometimes it takes being told over and over again for us to understand that our girls are right. He IS a dick. If a man isn’t treating you with the respect and kindness you most assuredly deserve, then let us women - your tribe of sisters - be the first to say, FUUUUUUUUUCK HIM. All women should be looking out for one another and making sure that our girls don’t settle for some douchebag that just can’t seem to be a decent human being.

13. We are in this together. When women are going through something hard, it’s sometimes really difficult to put into words what it is that we need or are feeling. Devastation. Loneliness. Depression. Anxiety. Rejection. Disappointment. Shame. Fear. Rage. Confusion. Embarrassment. In these moments of struggle, we should all be stepping up to let other women know that we are going to walk through the fire with them. That we are a phone call, a text, a car ride away. That we will invest whatever is necessary to help them get through their very hard thing. We’ve all needed this, and we will all need it again. So let your girl know: We are in this together. And we are stronger for it.

14. Let's go do something together. It feels good when another woman invests time and energy in us. It makes us feel special and supported and included and loved. It gives us the fuzzy-wuzzies particularly when we are going through a hard time or when we haven’t taken five minutes for ourselves in a while. So, as fellow women, let's make that investment. Ask a woman to lunch. Go shopping. See a movie. Go to a concert. Head to the local male revue. (Hey, that’s quality time too.) The biggest takeaway here should be to let the women in your life know that you want to invest time in them. You never know when it’ll make their fucking day.

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