Saturday, March 19, 2016

Things To Say To A Woman Today To Make Her Fucking Day (PART 1)

Most women I know move through their lives just handling shit. They do thankless jobs – at home and otherwise – and never ask for, nor get, much recognition for much of what they do throughout any given day. It's our duty as fellow badass women to actually see these instances of super-womanhood in other women and call it out. We know they need to hear it because we know WE need to hear it. And even those women who don't necessarily require acknowledgment of their badassery, I think we can safely assume that it's still really fucking nice to hear.

So, what can you say to a fellow badass woman, today, to make her day? Well, I made a list for you! Give one or all of these a shot and watch how your sister-from-another-mister light up with the realization that she really is capable and dynamic and, well, kick-ass.

1. You're really good at that. Let's face it. Women are good at … well, pretty much everything. We plan, we organize, and we execute; we are creative, savvy, driven, and, oh-by-the-way, so fucking busy that we barely have time to breathe. The problem with being so amazing and so busy is that we don't look around at the other women in our lives to acknowledge how balls-to-the-wall they are with their lives too. Women hold it DOWN! Let's take a sec to tell other women how good they are at that shit.

2. I love your shoes/shirt/hair/jewelry. There's a reason every woman wears what she wears. There's almost undoubtedly a story behind each piece, each hair color, each necklace. How often do women really get to tell a story about their creativity? Wait – how often? That's right. Never. How often are women told their appearance is appreciated as it is and not that they need to be "something else?" Yeah. Refer to the last answer.

3. I like the way you handled that situation. Ohhhhh, you mean the way that all women handle, basically, all situations LIKE A BOSS? It's a natural instinct, but gets little recognition. Women handle with care. That's why we are trusted. Need proof? If one person in your family was going to put a 6-yr old on an airplane by himself to fly across the country, who would pack his bag before the flight? There. That's why women are trusted to handle the important shit.

4. I brought you coffee/wine/liquor. Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you? Yes, please!

5. You made the right decision. This is a huge one. If you really want to make a woman's day, TELL HER THIS ONE. Women are incredibly analytical – sometimes, to a fault. We look at every path that could be taken, every discussion that could or should be had, and try to play it out in our heads (usually in the shower). We try to make the best possible decision, given the information that we have, but we still doubt ourselves, over and over. To have another woman affirm our decision lifts the weight off our shoulders a bit and renews our confidence in ourselves.

6. You're a smart woman. Women all think they're smart. Because we are – duh. But, let's all just take a step back and admit that we have a lot of self-doubt in this area. Mostly because we've been made to feel our entire lives that we are less-than. Our opinions aren't as valid, nor are our capabilities as great as what a man possesses, right? Pfffffft. Please. We actually have this one in the bag, ladies. Let's just make a deal that we start pointing this out when we see it in other women. It doesn't take away from us to acknowledge the greatness in another woman. In fact, it helps us. Because women are the MASTERS of paying it forward.

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