Thursday, March 10, 2016

Love & The Importance of Finding Your Inner Truth

This week I was reminded that, in all the mess and all the chaos of the world, I have to always go back to what is true to me. I can't rely on what everyone else says, nor what I see in the news, nor what I hear as gossip - but to cling to what I know is true. I have to go back to my inner truth.

Each person's inner truth is different because each inner truth is uniquely ours. At times in our lives, it is important that we dig deep and look at that inner truth because, sometimes, we find that what we were always led to believe isn't true. It might be due to problems in your childhood. It might be due to lies you've been told. It might be due to our own emotional, mental, or physical turmoil. These   things lead us to have a skewed vision of what our inner truth is. We have to dig deep; we have to push hard. We have to open ourselves up to what could possibly hurt because, if we don't have that inner truth, we don't have a whole lot.

For me this week, I had to look for my inner truth. I had to remember my inner truth is love. I know deep in my soul that I am loved. I know deep in my soul that I was put on this earth to love. I know deep in my soul that, without love, I am nothing. I know, for me, that love comes in every shape and size. Love comes in every color and design. I know love is often overlooked. Whether it's a feeling of unworthiness or whether it's being "too busy," we tend to put our heads down or just forgot to open our eyes - and we miss love. 

But love is everywhere. We feel it deep inside, and if you don't feel it, you should stop and ask yourself why. The truth is that a life without love - that true inner love - can chase away everything else. Life is a lonely and empty place without love. Having a compass of love that guides me is amazing. It can make all things possible and can change everything. This is why, when I look deep, my inner truth is that love.

So I ask you, what is your inner truth? What is that one thing that you know to be true? What is that inner truth that, when everything else goes wrong, you know that one thing is right and is true? If your inner truth does not bring you joy, contentment, and peace, it might be time to rethink your inner truth. If your inner truth causes you pain and heartache, I beg you to do the work to figure out why. Whether you do that through therapy, spirituality, yoga, or running a marathon, please just do it. Your inner truth should never be a cause of pain; your inner truth should a wonderful hug. When you feel your worst, you should be able to turn toward your inner truth and find comfort. This is why I had to go back to my own inner truth because, through the pain, it is that love that keeps me going. What keeps you going? Again, I ask, what is your inner truth?

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