Thursday, March 31, 2016

JanesList: 10 Ways to Get Through the Next Easter Holiday Like a Badass

We have just wrapped up another wonderful holiday season. Whether you hunted eggs, went to church, gave a bunny, or slept, we were all bombarded by Easter every way we turned. And then there was the family time. It was one of the "whole family gets together" holidays. Did you have everyone over to your home, or did you travel to someone else's house? Either way, sometimes family time can be a bitch! Now, I know that many people have amazing and wonderful families, and then there are the other kind of families. You know, the families that yell, guilt, nag, and make you feel like shit. So, in the future, how do we get through this time of pain…I mean, joy? Well, I am here to tell you...
#10: Get drunk. While this might cause a hangover tomorrow, you won't have to deal with the family pain of today. And putting off pain is not always a bad thing.

#9: Hang out with the kids. They will make you laugh, and you can steal their candy. Plus, we all know the kids' table only sucks when you are a kid. When you are an adult, you just look like a caring adult! Plus, you will probably get out of helping clean-up.

#8: Let things go. Seriously, don't take the crap too seriously. Whether you come from dysfunction or from too much love, sometimes just letting things go is the best and easiest way to keep your own sanity.

#7: Be helpful. A great way to disguise spending time with family is to be super helpful. Help get things ready and then get up and help clean-up. Sure you're stuck doing dishes, but you don't have to hang out at the table and listen to Uncle Joe and his racist comments.

#6: Don't over-schedule. Don't try to pack fifty things into one day. It is okay to say no to some things or some invitations. You don't have to please all the people all of the time. Yes, it is a holiday and people love you, but remember it is also a weekend and you are supposed to get some rest. Don't tire yourself out just in time to head back to work the next day. Just say NO!

#5: Volunteer. Take some time this weekend to volunteer. Your family might suck, but some people have no family at all and need a little help. Giving your time to others is always a way to feel better and gives a bright side to the weekend. Plus, a lot of time perfect strangers are easier to spend time with than family.

#4: Go to church. Easter is great holiday for church - whether you attend regularly or haven't been for years. In the Christian tradition, Easter is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Go and worship!

#3: Enjoy the eggs. Color eggs, hide eggs, eat the chocolate eggs. Whatever! Have fun! Be a kid again, whether you have kids or not. Easter eggs are a blast and a total mess. Let your inner kid out and enjoy those Cadbury cream eggs. YUM!

#2: Avoid politics. Seriously, this year in particular, you know your family is crazy and they think your political leanings are crazy. Don't stress yourself out, walk away from the political discussions. You will never change their minds and they will never change yours. You should really just avoid it.

#1: Get drunk. Yep, it makes the list twice. Let's be honest, sometimes the only way to get through a family holiday is to be drunk. So do it, embrace it…even if you have to hide the bottle. Save yourself!

So from the Janes to you, Cheers! I mean, Happy Belated Easter…you will survive!

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