Sunday, January 10, 2016

Unchained Headlines: Badasses In The News

Here is our roundup of recent badass women's news.

Hooray for Oregon!

First up in the news this week, Oregon has become the first state where women can get birth control pills over the counter!! Woohoo!! Kudos to Oregon for giving women an easy way to get the pill! However, it is important to note, that you absolutely should still go to your gyno for your yearly check-up.

Read about it here.

FGM Is Now Illegal

Next up in great news for the female gender: Gambia has officially made female genital mutilation against the law. Finally - not only is this completely dehumanizing, but it leads to life long health problems for these women. Gambia is becoming more and more progressive on gender equality and this is great news! Still work to be done, but progress is progress!

Popsicle and Peaches

Did you know that President Obama has to Secret Service agents that are women? I didn't either!  How completely badass these two ladies must be! The below article talks about Secret Service code names and how these two ladies are standing out in a male dominated field. Popsicle and Peaches have arrived, ladies and gentlemen.

Kilee Taflinger: Certified Badass

Speaking of badass women in male dominated fields, check out Ms. Kilee Taflnger.  She is the strength and conditioning coach for Townson University's men's basketball team. Kilee is one of only two women in the country that do strength and conditioning for Division I men's basketball. "I think a big part of the job is being a role model, and I like to practice what I preach. I'm a better athlete and a stronger athlete now at 30 than I ever was from 18 to 22. … If I can be a positive role model for females and get them to see that being strong and being confident is a good thing, then I think that's awesome. That's what I strive to be every single day." You have definitely inspired us!

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