Friday, January 1, 2016

Star Wars: A Badass Movie Full Of Badass Women Being Badasses

Janes, I cannot contain my excitement. I love Star Wars The Force Awakens, and I want all of you to go see it. It’s okay if you’re not a science fiction fan. Or a space fan. Or an action movie fan. The women in this movie make it so worth seeing.

First, one of the two main protagonists is a female. Her name is Rey and what a badass she is! She can take care of herself defensively with the staff she carries with her, and she fearlessly climbs and scampers over old, derelict ships in the desert of Jakku to scavenge parts to trade for food. She’s also a hell of a pilot, and can speak pretty much all of the languages spoken on Jakku - including Droid and Wookiee.

Furthermore, Rey is innately kind. She takes in a droid who needs help, even when she can barely help herself. And any temptations she receives to do something she knows inherently is wrong, she manages to overcome and do the right thing. In short, Rey is the type of role model any Jane could possibly want for the young Janes in her life.

Next we have General Organa - also known as Princess Leia. The original female badass of the Star Wars series, she has grown and matured to become an incredibly wise leader. She appears to be full of empathy, as watching her makes one feel like she understands everyone’s motivations and reasonings. She rarely gets angry, and the one time you see her true frustration, it is purely personal. 

Leia conveys the gravitas of a leader who has lost much and is prepared to lose more, as well as exhibiting the grace of the royalty she is. She has the respect and admiration of everyone in the Resistance, and yet she expresses no arrogance. 

I want to be like her when I grow up. I really think she may be the perfect woman.

Next up is Maz Kanata - the wonderfully enigmatic proprietress of a cantina, and a former pirate. Can we say badass? I think we can say badass. Being over 1000 years old, she has seen and observed so many people that she can easily and quickly sum up a person. Her castle holds nearly as many secrets as she does, and her quick wit makes her as relatable as her age makes her wise. She is awesome, Janes. Trust me.

Finally, we have an anomaly in the Star Wars universe: a female leader of the Storm Troopers (pictured above). We don’t learn much about Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens, but she is a woman who takes shit from no one. She is ruthless - she can order the deaths of unarmed civilians or the reconditioning of a Storm Trooper without hesitation. She is decisive, and authoritative, and commands the respect and obedience of the Storm Troopers. The fact that we have a female leader at all on the baddie side is a huge step forward in gender equality in the movies - thanks, JJ Abrams!

So, my fellow Janes, I am urging you to go see Star Wars - if for no other reason than to see some seriously badass women do badass things. Do it. You won’t regret it, I promise!

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