Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Join the Unchained Jane Team and Get Laid More!

Just kidding. 

You definitely will not get laid more - mostly because you'll be spending all of your time chatting and laughing and writing with the badass women who run UJ. And that is obviously the higher priority. So you won't get actual-laid nor will you get money-laid, but your brain will get knowledge-and-confidence laid - like, so much - and that's really better anyway, isn't it? Don't answer that.

We are growing. Our audience is growing. The content we want to bring to you is a mile long. The projects we want to undertake are piling up. Most importantly, we want you to be part of our team because our message and mission really call for your participation to be effective (for you and the women around you).

So then why should you join the team?

Well, while there won't be a paycheck, there will be material perks. Badass swag. Little presents. Little surprises. Little women-love tokens from us directly to you for your commitment and dedication to our message. 

Besides the awesome perks, you care that women feel confident about themselves. You care that women understand how amazing, capable and dynamic they are. You want to lift other women up. Help them. Inform them. Push them to #stayunchained from artificial boundaries, imposed limitations, and their own self-doubt. You want to have an impact on how women feel about themselves, and therefore, how they go about making good life decisions for themselves. You care that the women around you consistently see female role models on their social media pages that remind them of the badasses they are. You want to make women's confidence your project.

It also doesn't hurt that you'd be able to list "Contributing Writer" on your resume. Who doesn't want that feather in their cap?

You would not hate talking to the us regularly. Because we are awesome. We also really want you to know how awesome you are. Which brings me to my next point...

There is no better feeling than creating something that is YOURS, and then receiving positive feedback. Talk about building confidence! We are here to help build your confidence in your abilities, in your creative process, and give you as much of an opportunity as you'd like to grow and learn (and we are sure you'll teach us too).

You'll be stoked to be able to talk to and bounce ideas off of the other badass women in your team! You'll make badass-woman friends in different areas around the country and share ideas, memes, articles, news, and some serious laughs. This will require you to not be an asshole. You can be a half-asshole, but not a whole asshole. Kapeesh?

The commitment to write for and promote UJ is not super onerous and nor is it complicated. Yes, you'll have to work on a deadline, but it's a progressive deadline (i.e. the writing level will increase slowly and it'll always be doable, even if you're working a full-time day job and have kids - we do it!). 

You don't have to commit forever! You'll be able to do a short stint with the UJ team and then be done, if you'd like. Or you can come back again if we still have available space. 

Lastly, it's really fucking fun. Because we all work remotely and our internal conversations are private, there's a lot we say to each other behind the scenes that most folks never see. Some of those conversations may or may not include: Chewbacca cookies, egrets, hilarious things our kids say, the perfection that is Mexican food and orange chicken (not together), how much we hate each other's states, awesome apps we are using, things men do that make use love/hate them, punching bitches (not women, but bitches that hate on women - we don't like those people), REALLY strange conversations held solely in GIFs, Dolce hijabs, lumps of poop in our washing machines, and a ton of memes that never make it to our website or social media pages. That's just in the last week.

We know what you're thinking: If I could only talk about egrets and poop on the daily, then my life would be complete. No worries. You have a home now.

Keep an eye out for details coming in the next couple of weeks for details on the openings and what we are expecting from the new team! We are really looking forward to connecting with you badass women out there!


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