Friday, January 15, 2016

JanesList: 5 Badass Movies To Look Forward to in 2016

Now that it is officially 2016, I thought I'd share a list 5 movies I am eagerly looking forward to this year! You should be too.

1. Deadpool - Okay, this is probably only going to appeal to those of you Janes who are either hardcore comic nerds, or those into crude humor and gore. Happily, I am a hardcore comic nerd, so I'm excited about this movie - and the fact that the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds is playing the foul-mouthed anti-hero. Reynolds' comedic timing, which we caught a glimpse of in the unsatisfying Wolverine movie, is gold in the trailers, so I'm expecting big things from the movie itself. Bonus: The beautiful Morena Baccarin (of Firefly and Serenity fame) plays the love interest. Sold!

2. Rogue One - Yes, another Star Wars movie. And yes, I am so stoked! My nerd heart is beating quickly over the thought of this entry into the Star Wars canon. Detailing a rogue band of resistance fighters' mission to steal the plans of the Death Star, this movie is sure to be exciting, and possibly, heartbreaking. I don't know much more than that, and, honestly, I don't even care. I'm just. so. excited. 

3. Warcraft - So, for my gaming Janes out there, Warcraft is the story of World of Warcraft, before it became the massively multi-playing game that it is now. It is the story of how Orcs came to Azeroth to make a new home, and how the humans already dwelling in Azeroth dealt with that. Add to that already rough mess the danger that the Orcs are running from, and you have the makings of a glorious enemies-to-frenemies party. I'm so ready to go! I'm excited to see characters that I have come to know in the online world come to life. 

4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Where my Potterheads at?! All Potter fans everywhere are waiting with bated breath for the release of this movie. We're all salivating for another entry into Potterverse, and this one particularly so, as it takes place quite a bit before Harry Potter and his friends go to Hogwarts. 

5. Moana - Disney is giving us a new female lead to root for! According to, Moana is a born navigator who sets sail to look for a fabled island. She even gets help from the demi-god, Maui, voiced by Dwayne Johnson! I'm hoping for a movie with a gutsy female lead who goes through process of finding out exactly who she is and what is important to her.

Stand by for another list in the near future with the next set of 5 movies I'm looking forward to coming out in 2016.

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