Sunday, January 17, 2016

Guru Jane: Keep on Kicking Ass

Dear Guru Jane,

I'm a pretty badass lady. I've built my own successful business from the ground up.  I've maintained a committed loving relationship and I've blown through most of my goals. Let me say, I'm pretty damn proud of myself, because being a woman in the business world for any length of time is hard. Sometimes it's damn near impossible to get a seat at the table.

I've done a lot of things right, but I've done a lot of things wrong. Such is life. I'm incredibly satisfied with my life, but I am also damn tired. This brings me to my concern, which isn't even really for me, it's for so many other women I see working hard and being badasses. They are amazing, persistent, brilliant, and headstrong women. All amazing qualities, but I see so many of them burning themselves out, or taking steps in their lives that are so harmful to them just to get somewhere faster. How can we help these women to build them up and guide them as they go?

So many women before me have paved the way. These women have fought so that I didn't have to fight as hard. I've fought so the newer generation doesn't have to fight as hard. What can we do to build ourselves and those coming up?

Thank you,
Success is Possible

Dear Success is Possible,

First off, THANK YOU! Thank you for kicking ass! Thank you for laying even more stones on the road to successful women in business! Thank you for caring about what you have built, and about the legacy you will leave behind! Thank you for seeing the big picture and knowing the fight continues!

I think you really hit on a key point. Most of business is a fight, and honestly, fights are tiring and hard. How do we fight the good fight and still come out on top? This almost always starts with taking care of yourself. Self-care ladies...I think I'm going to make buttons. If your glass is empty, you have nothing more to give. Keep your glass (self) full, or at least more than half full. Make yourself your #1 priority. Have that glass of wine at night and unwind. Get up in the morning and work out. Eat a balanced diet. Take real time off, away from your computer and phone. And for the love of all that is holy, get some sleep! An athlete NEVER goes into the game broken, battered, naked, and half dead. The athlete prepares and knows all of the areas which need to be strengthened and kept up. That doesn't just mean the padding on the uniform (your business prep), that means the game plan (mind), that means a strong body (duh), and that means knowing they are the right person for the job (confidence/spirit).

Next, ladies be each others champions. If you are newer to the world you are trying to break into, find a mentor. If you have built something in the world you are in, be a mentor. Raise each other up. Help walk someone through the minefield you have blazed a trail through. And to our younger ladies, LISTEN! You are smart and amazing, but you are new and we all need support, help, and instructions sometimes. If you're in school, find a teacher/professor who you can trust to help build you up. If you can't find someone in person, join organizations in your field and find someone there. We always have online forums. Reach out, don't be afraid to ask! Build the idea of "her success is all of our success".

Finally ladies, keep educating yourself. Whether it is continuing education, keeping up with the news or new technology, connecting to others in your field, or stepping outside of the box and exploring other areas. An alert mind continues to grow, explore, and succeed!

Remember life is hard, all career paths (in and outside the home) are hard. Stay strong, set goals, break through barriers, and support each other. There is strength in numbers and we owe it to ourselves, the badasses that came before us, and all future badasses to continue to blaze a path and share our knowledge.

Keep kicking ass!
Guru Jane.

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