Friday, January 1, 2016

Guru Jane: It's Time to Get Your Badass On!

Dear Guru Jane,

It's New Years again, and every year I set new resolutions and then don't even come close to sticking with them. This year I have two resolutions I really want to stick with - well, actually, there are three.
The main one is I want to be better to myself. I want to treat myself better and take better care of myself. I want to put me first for a change.

The other two have to do directly with my main goal. I want to lose weight. I know everyone says that, but this year I have to! I am pre-diabetic, and walking up the stairs in our house gets me out of breath. I'm getting sick, and I'm sick of feeling like shit about myself. I don't want to be skinny (though I wouldn't hate it if I was). I want to be healthy! I also want to take a small amount of time every day for me. I don't even get time alone in the bathroom most days. I want to take a little time each day to better myself, and I don't know how to do that.

Would you please give me some ideas to be able to stay on track and feel better about me?

Please help!

I'm Done!

Dear I'm Done,

Woman! We know exactly how you feel! All of us Janes have felt this way, and still do at times. I want to applaud you for standing up and saying ENOUGH! You just won half the battle!

Let's talk about setting resolutions first. These are hard because we are basically trained in our minds to hear the word resolution and think the next word, break. So how do you not break a resolution? You don't make them. What I mean is don't make a "resolution" - set "goals" instead. I know it sounds silly to change just one word, but it matters. The other thing is don't just set any goal; I want you to set SMART goals. It's in caps because it's an acronym. I love SMART goals because what they really are, are baby steps, and baby steps make life so much more achievable!

So what's a SMART goal? Well, let me explain....


Breaking down goals into these steps can make life easier and so much more doable!

Do not start by setting a vague goal like, "I'm going to lose weight this year." Instead, you'd set the goal, "I'm going to lose 15 pounds by February 29."

- This is Specific 15lbs by 2/29.
- It's Measurable, your calendar and your scale...measurements. Put a calendar up and mark off each day.
- It's Achievable, make something that is right for you that is both achievable and challenging. You will also want to decide how you will achieve it...walk 2 miles a a 30 minute workout video...cut carbs or cut calories to 1500 a day, you pick. Again, achievable and challenging for YOU!
- It's Realistic, your goal makes sense in your life, very likely with some lifestyle changes. But it is doable!
- It's Measurable. 60 days. 15lbs. Measurement and measurement!

Once you've hit this goal, set your next for health. This one has the advantage of changing your diet and your excessive patterns, both things that are important in pre-diabetes and walking up stairs...those bastards can really kick your ass!

You need to do the same thing for spending time and bettering yourself. Now I'm not going to map this one out, but I am going to put my momma bear/sister-in-arms/strong woman voice on.
Taking time for yourself every day is a MUST! I don't care if you're a parent, not a parent, working in the home, working out of the home, single, in a relationship, in school, or still living with your parents. One of the best habits you can start is putting yourself first, even if only for 2 minutes a day. And 2 minutes is exactly what I suggest you start with. Set a timer, make yourself be alone or still for 2 minutes. In that 2 minutes you can read, pray, do yoga, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself "I love you!," whatever, but take the time. You might have to wake up 5 minutes early, go to bed 5 minutes later, lock yourself in the bathroom, say you are going outside to clean up the yard (no one will follow you to clean), or sit in your car on your lunch break to get those 2 minutes. But take the time. And after 2 weeks of 2 minutes, do 2 weeks of 5 minutes, then 2 weeks of 10 minutes. Just set the time aside and DO YOU! Again, set it up as a SMART goal, don't just think, "okay, okay, I'll spend time with myself." Make it real, make is specific, and make it important, because YOU are important and YOU deserve to come first!

Don't settle! Don't beat yourself up! Do you!

I'd say good luck, but you don't need luck. You're a BADASS! So I'll say good job and I believe in you!

Guru Jane

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