Friday, January 8, 2016

Badasses Are Safety Girls!

Women can do it all!

While I totally believe this is true, we sometimes think this makes us invincible. Truth is, ladies, no one is invincible, and it will never be a good idea to walk down a dark alley at night. While we have become so independent in many ways (high fives all around), we have become very dependent in other ways. We are so busy "doing" that we sometimes forget some of the basic things we should be doing to stay safe.

Now, I'm not going to ever complain if a big, beefy hunk of man (sexualizing men, notwithstanding) wants to walk around as my body guard, but this is real life and I'm not rich. So, instead, I want us all to remember some basic ways to ensure we are being responsible for our own safety.

First, seriously don't walk down a dark alley alone at night, or if you do, have a flashlight. Try to stay away from areas with which you are not familiar, or that have a high crime rate. Know where you are, know your safety exits, and maybe consider going at a different time of day or with someone to accompany you. It's not mean to say some areas are not quite as safe as others, so be aware of your surroundings! 

Carry pepper spray. There are some restrictions on this, so be aware of them in your area. But a great way to defend yourself against an attacker is with a weapon. A shot of pepper spray to the eyes will sure get someone's attention. At a minimum, it could give you time to get away.

Learn basic self-defense, or go for the full karate experience. It's a great workout, lots of fun, and you learn to defend yourself. If you don't have time for this, remember this: KNEE UP TWICE. Once to the nuts and/or vag (let's be real - it hurts for the ladies, too), once to the nose. Throw something at the attacker. Hit them with your purse. Use whatever you have with you as a weapon - fight back!

When you are walking to your car, here's the process: open your car door, get in, lock the door, and start driving. Many women are attacked when they get into their car and fiddle with stuff. Don't search your purse. You don't have to send that email, text, or whatever. Plug your phone in and drive away. Basically, don't be a sitting duck!


I don't advise anyone to just scream without words. Screaming is overrated. Everyone screams for every reason nowadays. So much so that people don't pay attention to screams as much anymore. Do more than scream. I recommend you yell at the top of your lungs "FIRE!" or "GET OFF/AWAY FROM ME!" or start yelling "DANGER!" Yell something that will get attention and keep it. Yelling "HELP!" is another one I would stay away from. People yell "HELP!" when they are being tickled, so sometimes it gets ignored. Use your voice and yell, and keep yelling!

Pay attention. Look at the cars in the area, the people in the area. Notice where someone could be hiding. Don't walk around with your face in your phone. Look up. Take the time to absorb the details. Look people in the eye and say "hello" so that they know you saw their face. 

And, remember, no "thing" is worth your life. If someone wants your purse or your car, giving it to them might not be the wrong thing to can replace stuff.

But if someone attacks you, FIGHT! Attackers use the element of surprise and fear. Keep your bearings and stay calm. If you are in harms way, do whatever you have to, use whatever you can and FIGHT! Think about scenarios, plan ahead, and be prepared. Don't live in fear, live with the knowledge that you will do everything you can to stay safe!

We love you, Janes! Keep yourselves safe out there!

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