Friday, January 22, 2016

An Open Letter To A Sexist Asshat

Dear Asshat Stuck in the 1850’s:

You recently commented on an article posted by the Women’s Rights News Facebook group. The article was written by a mother about her 9 year-old daughter’s decision to keep her hair short. In it the mother indicates that, while she herself does not want to keep her own hair short, she respected her daughter’s adamant decision to cut her hair. What really perplexed this mother was the fact that so many people who were not part of the decision seemed to have an opinion about her daughter’s hair - and usually it was a negative one.

What interests me about all of this are the comments you and a couple of like-minded imbeciles left on the Facebook post from the Women’s Rights News group.

First off, I’m not even sure why you feel the need to follow this group, considering you are a male with ridiculously outdated views of women - and this group is all about women’s rights, of which you seem to think we have none.

Secondly, well, let’s just look at your comment, shall we? Below, you will see I’ve taken a screenshot directly from the Facebook page.

You make two statements in this comment. The first is a response, I assume, to the several comments above you which continually asked why it mattered how short her hair was. The fact that you ignore all the past and current celebrities - singers and actresses, at the very least - who are not only considered beauties of their age but are clearly way more successful than you are with your tiny, insignificant mind, is incredibly telling. You are, sir, a blind idiot. But that’s fine. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and as you are blind, we shall work on forgiving your statement.

The second statement, however, is nigh unforgivable. “Women are supposed to conform to a certain standard.” Excuse me? Which “certain standard” are you referring to? The last I checked with any guy - and I teach several young men in all of my classes - while all had preferences to one degree or another on what they liked in a female, none mentioned hairstyles being a deal breaker. And my own husband, who admitted he really loved my long hair, took one look at me when I came back with a short haircut and immediately told me I was sexy. In fact, most guys (teenage students and adult friends alike) who are interested in women have said that as long as it’s female and interested in him, the world seems to be going his way. So what is this “standard” that we women are supposed to be conforming to?

Perhaps you don’t remember the 80’s, when it was considered sexy for men to have long hair? Or the late 90’s and early 2000’s, when it was all the rage for young men to have a shaggy, longish hairstyle? (Ooh, let’s not even mention when it was the “thing” to do for guys to wear girls’ jeans!) Do you men have a standard you are expected to conform to as well? Because I have to conclude that the answer seems to be “no.”

I’d like to point out one last thing: your hypocrisy is appalling. Are you aware that you are an overweight white man with boobs bigger than a lot of women? And also that you have a terrible haircut? No? Oh, I’m so sorry. Well, let me point that out to you then. As soon as you conform yourself to the same level of ridiculous, dumbass standards you hold women to, you can resume commenting on articles like this. Although, it is very sad that a man in his, what, 30’s? 40’s? is commenting on a 9 year-old’s appearance. I’m not going to say what I think that implies about you, but I hope you’re bright enough to infer.

Much disdain to you on behalf of all of us here at Unchained Jane,

Margaret Jane

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