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Popcorn Jane: Beautiful Sacrifice

Title:  Beautiful Sacrifice
Author:  Elizabeth Lowell
Pairs Well With:  coffee or hot chocolate


Beautiful Sacrifice is a romantic suspense novel written by one of my favorite authors of the genre, Elizabeth Lowell.  Lowell is a master of creating intrigue while feeding you just enough pieces of the puzzle that you are still surprised, more often than not, by the actual culprit.

According to Maya legend, December 21, 2012, will mark the end of the world as we know it. Is it myth . . . or will their prediction become reality?

    Archaeologist Lina Taylor has devoted her life to studying ancient Maya artifacts, splitting her time between digs in South America and the classroom teaching college students. But the professor's structured, academic life is about to spin out of control. Some extremely valuable and important Maya artifacts have gone missing. Are the culprits fanatics determined to create chaos and usher in annihilation?

    Helping out a friend, former immigration and customs enforcement officer Hunter Johnston is determined to recover the missing pieces and he needs Lina's help. A man used to calling the shots and working alone, he isn't comfortable letting anyone get close, especially a beautiful and brainy woman like Lina. His gift for reading people tells him there's a lot going on below that professional exterior, and he's more than a little curious to probe her depths.

    Burying herself in her work, Lina's had little experience handling men, especially one as fascinating and exasperating as the secretive, headstrong Hunter. A devoted archaeologist, she has the skill to excavate those protective layers all the way to his core.

    But finding the missing artifacts is only the beginning of a mystery that will plunge these unlikely partners into adventure, romance, and danger more thrilling, sensual, and deadly than either of them knows. . . . - Back Cover of the Book.

First off, I should probably tell you that as a child, I desperately wanted to be an archaeologist.  Add to that my love of ancient cultures and their religions and mythologies, and already this book is appealing to me.  Add even on to that my love of romance novels, and I’m in heaven.  

The main characters are both very likeable. Lina is not the stereotypical damsel in distress. She’s actually fairly logical, without being robotic, and is very reasonable.  Hunter IS your stereotypical protector-type, but he also has a reasonable and logical disposition, which allows him to temper and mitigate some of the alpha-like tendencies protector-types generally display.

So, as with my review of Moon Called, one of the most appealing things about Mrs. Lowell’s writings is her wit.  The banter Lina and Hunter share is amusing and sexy, and is very effective at keeping things from getting too serious.  Dealing with death and crime can become a little oppressive at times, and their banter, sarcasm, and sexy innuendos are all timed perfectly to keep the oppression away.  Lowell’s conversations are, for me, the reason I will read anything she’s written, and the reason I come back to all of her books at one time or another.  I’ve probably read Beautiful Sacrifice at least five times since I bought it about a year ago.

Fair warning: this book has sex. Really hot sex. Smut, if you will. So if you’re not looking for that, this may not be the book for you. 

This book is great for those who are looking for a fun book with a good amount of intrigue, and very good smut.  I think Elizabeth Lowell writes some of my favorite sex scenes, and her teasing and build up are second to none.

Why I Love This Book: The ancient culture, archaeology, and history, and wonderful backdrops for this book.  Also, being a teacher, I do enjoy characters with scholarly jobs. Also, the banter. And the sex. Did I mention the sex?

Interested?  Buy it in paperback or for the Kindle at Amazon!

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