Thursday, December 10, 2015

CHALLENGE: Win More; Bitch Less

Why don't we look for more wins? It seems that everywhere we turn people are pissed about something. Whether it's that they had to wait in line too long, or their kid didn't get picked first for a team, or their friend's cousin's mom was talking shit again. 

PEOPLE! Life is really not that bad. The things that so many people (and I am guilty too) bitch about are so damn stupid that they shouldn't even be a second thought. And that's the extent of my rant on the negativity and mostly self-invented drama that seems to flood our social media pages - but it is not what I want to focus on here. 

What I want to focus on is our wins; the joys in our life (big and small). What do I mean by "wins?" Well, I mean the good stuff. I mean when you pull into the parking lot and there is a parking space right in the front row, that's a win! What about when you go into the store to buy a pair of shoes and they end up being on sale? Win! Or when you ask your kid what they have for homework (bracing for the 3 hours you will be doing homework with them) and they say they don't have any tonight - big fucking WIN! 

We have wins each and every day. We win big, we win small, but the fact is that we win. Maybe if, for just one minute, we focus on some of those wins instead of all the other crap, the world might become just a little bit better, a little brighter. 

One of my favorite quotes: "I am convinced that life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% is how I react." (tip of the hat to Charles Swindoll) 

I feel like most of the problems in the world are created by 90% of people reacting to 90% of everything as if we just cut off their arm. Bad things happen, and sometimes life can really suck...hey, been there, done that. But, realistically, life is usually pretty good. I mean, as most of us are reading this online, we have the internet! Woo-Hoo! WIN! So again I ask, why don't we look for more wins?

Having said that, I have a challenge to issue. This is the holiday season, where everyone is happy and bright until they are stuck in mall traffic and pissed because the item will not be shipped in time, and, and, and... See? It's too easy to fall into the negatives. So here is my challenge: I want every one of us to post our wins! Post them on the UJ Facebook page as a meme or comment, post them on your own Facebook page, tweet about them, take a picture and post it to Instagram, talk to your kids about them. The key is to share your wins. 

I'm asking for one week (at least) in December where we post wins. I want to hear that you vacuumed your house (total win in my house) and are now reading a book for 30 minutes! I want to hear that you saved $50 at the grocery store! I want to hear that your pap came back clear! I want to hear about your raise at work! I want to hear about the amazing and delicious dinner you didn't burn! I want to hear about your wins - not just your family wins - but YOUR wins. Because each and every one of you is amazing and you're building this phenomenal life. I know that, even when things suck, there are wins to celebrate, so let's try to not only look at the positive but to also share that positivity and gratitude! How are you #winning???

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