Friday, October 2, 2015

Unchained Headlines: Qualified Badasses & The ShitList

 Unchained Headlines: Qualified Badasses & The Shitlist

UJ's Qualified Badasses

Chrissy Teigen and Tyra Banks - notoriously gorgeous women and, oh, models - are sick of the societal bullshit that insists upon women wearing makeup (and being flawless, in general) in order to be considered "beautiful." Both women have been vocal on their Instagram accounts about the unrealistic expectations society places on women's bodies. These ladies know that no one "wakes up like that," and, so, they were out to prove exactly that point this week when they went FULL-ON no make-up on their show, FABLife. Qualified Badasses. Read more and see the video here via ATTN:.

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Cheryl Shuman is the Martha Stewart of Marijuana. And she's on a mission. Not only is she an advocate of recreational marijuana use, but she's created her empire on it. See a need, fill a need, we always say. Qualified Badass. Read more about how Shuman is taking the industry by storm in a candid interview here with ATTN: and her YouTube channel here.

Zendaya Coleman is getting a Barbie! And we don't mean for an early birthday present. Nope. The Barbie team over at Mattel, Inc. has created a new Barbie in Zendaya's likeness and IT. IS. GORGEOUS. Just like her. Zendaya has been the target of and, therefore, outspoken against prevalent racism and sexism, and she's always eloquent with her words and golden with her heart (Z's Charity of Choice: Convoy of Hope). Our lady, Z-dog, hasn't even broken 20 years old! Qualified Badass. Read more about the new Barbie here.

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#GirlCopsAreAwesome - this was a big thing in the annals of the Internet this week, thanks to little, 4-year old Kinley Goetler of Washington and one pissed off Mama Bear. Miss Kinley was bothered (legitimately) that her police uniform Halloween costume indicated that it was "for boys." Enter: Mama Bear Goetler, who wasn't having a disappointed baby girl, explained that there are lots of amazing women police officers and the packaging was just straight up WRONG. Mama then vented on Facebook about the incident - and the #GirlCopsAreAwesome trend was born. The outpouring of reassurance from both male and female police officers across the country was incredible. Kinley and Mama Bear Goetler - Qualified Badasses. Read the full story here.

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The new Xbox FIFA game be damned. 18-year old Danni of Essex had a spot-on response when her boyfriend, Bradley, got smart with her about how much time he would now be spending playing his new Xbox game. Ain't nobody got time for your bullshit, BRADLEY! Including Danni, Qualified Badass. Check out Danni's response here

Little Mable of Edmonton, Canada, has leukemia. But that's not going to stop #SpiderMable from rescuing the captain of the Oilers, Andrew Ference, from a...oh, no!...kidnapping! We don't want to spoil Mable's harrowing adventure, but let's just say it involved an awesome rescue team, a limo, a zip line, some pizza, and one Qualified Badass little hero. Want to know if Ference was doomed? Read here. Props to The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada.

UJ's Shitlist

Hey, Heinz and Budweiser, don't think for one minute we forgot about the ridiculously sexist ads you used to run. ICYMI: Women are, for the most part, in charge of household spending. Yeah, we know they're "vintage," but how 'bout some love now that you are purportedly joining the rest of us in the 21st Century? Free beer is a good start. See the full list of embarrassing-as-hell ads here.

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Hey, douchebag from Nottingham, England. When you're walking down the street and you see a beautiful woman, do humankind a favor and try to wrap your pea-brain around something a bit more appropriate to say to her than shouting sexual obscenities from a distance. Sexual harassment isn't cute. Also, as a bonus, it's illegal! Additionally, in the event you cannot contain your idiocy, it may be a wise move on your part to ensure that the woman isn't (a) a national news reporter (at the BBC) doing a news segment with cameras rolling, and (b) DOING A FUCKING NEWS SEGMENT RIGHT THEN ON SEXUAL HARASSMENT. See the full story and video here.

Hey, Interbike and Chrome Industries, stop with your misogynistic, craptastic marketing campaigns. Women are capable and strong and are also - shockingly - still women! Handing out socks that picture women in thongs as "gifts" is not only a shitty, unthinking sentiment, but it also hits your bottom line. Using naked women as your billboard is not appealing to the badass women who make up a good chunk of your participating demographic. Quit discouraging women from participating in the things they love by making them feel - directly or indirectly - unwelcome. Also, have a chat with your friends at Tour de France and see if they might be able to lift that ban on women's participation in the event. Read the full story here.

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