Friday, October 16, 2015

Unchained Headlines: Qualified Badasses

Qualified Female Badasses

Here's our Roundup of Qualified Female Badasses of the Week:

Domestic Violence Awareness

As we all know, it's funny and cute to hit girls, right? When you hurt someone, it's really because you love them, right? One mom in Columbus, Ohio, called BULLSHIT loud and clear for everyone to hear. Merritt Smith, mom to one gorgeous little 4-year old named Joni, had to take her daughter to the emergency room after a boy at her daycare split open her daughter's face by forcefully hitting her with a metal toy. As Merritt was being handed a pamphlet on domestic violence awareness, the male receptionist made the most abhorrent comment you can imagine being made to your little girl. And Merritt took her badass response to Facebook. But let's allow Merritt to explain:

ICYMI: It's Domestic Violence Awareness month. There is no more appropriate and pertinent time to have this discussion than right when it happens, but this incident also underscores why there is still a need to for more awareness. Merritt followed up with a statement this week after a little reflection (and watching her post go viral), which makes her a Qualified Badass in our book:

Body Image

We are always telling you that it's never too late to do whatever it is that you want to do. We are also always telling you (gosh, we ARE bossy) that your size is irrelevant. Well, when fashion designer, Anna Scholz, and 55-year old "plus-size" model, Nicola Griffin, teamed up, they left the ageist, skinny-obsessed modeling paradigm in the dust. And the results of their campaign are GORGEOUS. Hat tip to these two Qualified Badasses for being amazing role models.

Men's Health

Yeah. You read that right. Men's health. Riddle me this: What's happens when you cross men's health with a seriously LEGIT badass women? Answer: A proposed law called HB1853 in the Missouri House of Representatives. Missouri State Representative Stacey Newman (D-St. Louis) proposed the bill so that women and men alike are on an equal playing field when it comes to family planning. Since some believe it's the business of government to regulate women's family planning choices, Rep. Newman thought it would only be fair to return the favor. Want to know what makes her a Qualified Badass? Here's the Bill Summary:

Media and Sports (and Domestic Violence, Again)

It's no secret that the NFL is riddled with jackasses that don't respect women and some who straight up abuse women. One such jackass is Greg Hardy - defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys. In early 2015, Hardy signed an $11.3 million dollar contract with the Cowboys, only to be "suspended" by the NFL a month later for 10 games due to domestic abuse charges (I mean, if you consider throwing your girlfriend onto a pile of guns while threatening her life domestic abuse). Hardy, of course, appealed the decision and the suspension was reduced to 4 games. You might think 4 games should be a decent enough "cooling off period" - a chance to reevaluate his life and prioritize his career over his ego. Well, that would be a big, fat NOPE. In Hardy's debut interview after his suspension, his PR team totally shit the bed and let the words "I want to come out guns blazin'" come out of his mouth. Well, Fox Sports 1 Host, Katie Nolan, wasn't letting the comment - or Hardy - slide. Her coverage of the "Human Garbage" (lol) makes her a serious Qualified Badass. Check out her segment on Hardy here. It's definitely worth the watch.

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