Monday, October 5, 2015

Trolling Sexism: #MakeMeASandwich

We at Unchained Jane enjoy a good joke as much as the next lady. Sometimes those jokes are at the expense of our fellow women (and ourselves), but, if they are done correctly, they remain inoffensive and still make us giggle. For example, a recent story in the media tells the tale of a woman that acquiesced to her fianc├ęs demand that she “Make him a Sandwich” by providing him with his requested meal like this:

Or how about this funny misandrist cartoon making the rounds on Facebook and various media sites:

And while we wish all jokes made us literally laugh out loud, the unfortunate reality is that misogynistic jokes often are uttered by men as a way to keep us "in our place" (which I guess must be in the kitchen?). Those kinds of punchlines are not funny and only show the persistent undercurrent of sexism that still exists in our society today. 

Recently, a former UFC fighter, Tank Abbott, kicked up a media storm by boasting he would fight current woman’s UFC champion, Ronda Rousey, and he wouldn’t even fight for winnings, a prize or a belt. Abbott said that if he were to win, little ol’ Ronda just has to get her butt in the kitchen and Make Him a Sandwich!  Haha, LOL...ummmmm, no.  

Tank’s declaration sent us down the rabbit-hole of the "Make Me a Sandwich" hashtag on social media. We found some interesting declarations, to say the least. From sexual to violent, behold a bunch of men that are just hungry for a sammich, dammit!

I mean, at least it isn’t Joe Buck...
A women? I believe woman is the word you are looking for.

If ladies night at the grocery store means food and wine samples, I will gladly go and have a free meal while you sit your sober, hungry butt at home. Bye!

Thanks, Charlie, we do too! Now get under the sink and unclog the garbage disposal. And while you're contemplating the difficulties of putting a piece of bologna between two pieces of bread all by yourself, try to fit in some time to learn the difference between "too" and "to." Idiot.

If a sandwich is all it takes to give a man an erection, can we please stop running all those Viagra™ (and Cilialas™, Staxyn™,  Stendra™, and Levitra™) commercials?

You’ve got 99 Problems and my wrath is one, if you ever make a misogynistic joke like this again.

Ah, the violent wife-beater meme – “It’s funny ‘cuz I like to hit people.” Seriously, though, no witty comeback for this guy. I just want to track down his real name and make sure every person in his life knows he posts stuff like this.

Everybody knows Feminists don’t cook; we order takeout LIKE A BOSS. Now sit your ass down but, first, bring me my wine.

Trolling misogyny - taking down misogynistic bullshit one post at a time. 

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