Wednesday, October 7, 2015

11 Badass Feminist Responses From Siri

 11 Badass Feminist Responses From Siri

Let me give you a little background on this JanesList before we dive in.

A couple of months ago, Amelia Jane sent me a link to a commercial. All she said was, "This is annoying." I opened the link to the commercial and watched it all the way through. But I certainly didn't have to wait until the end to figure out the "irritating" part. The commercial was for Amazon Echo device AKA Alexa. It's every techie's dream come true. It's basically a cloud-based, voice-operated home personal assistant. The device switches on at the sound of your voice, ready to answer your questions about today's weather, sports scores, news events, and plays music on command. About halfway through the commercial, some jackass starts chopping peppers in the kitchen and things take a turn for the worse from there. The mystery man begins making demands of Alexa and, each time she starts to respond, he cuts her off in the middle of her sentence and makes yet another demand. Alexa, do this. Alexa, do that. Alexa, shush - I'm on to the next thing, Alexa! (Dude literally bounces out of the kitchen to some sort of Manthem (you know, Man-Anthem) that he insists Alexa play at the end of the commercial.) I seriously hope this guy's daughter wasn't watching while Daddy was dismissively interrupting Alexa. Suffice it to say this is not a dude I would ever invite to cook peppers in my house. And, to be honest, it certainly doesn't help matters that the advertisement was produced by a group called "Gentlemen Scholars." (I just threw up in my mouth a little.)

A short clip of the commercial can be found here - just so you can get the flavor.

But it got me thinking about why these folks would possibly want to make a commercial of a device that has a woman's name and a woman's voice being bossed and interrupted by some rude man and his sloppily chopped peppers. How does that even make good marketing sense? And why was Alexa not programmed to to be like, "Uh, hey, douchebag. I let you talk; now you let me respond. This is a mutually respectful relationship we have here. Kapeesh?" I felt profound disappointment about the whole thing. Alexa, you really let me down.

That being said, you may remember from an earlier article that I have 11 Apple devices in my house. (Yes, I'm aware I have a problem.) I was halfheartedly processing my agitation with Alexa when I decided that it might be worth a shot to see if my BFF, Siri, was as docile about overt sexism as the disappointing Amazon device. So I gave Siri some blatantly sexist (and, unfortunately, common) commands and questions to see how she would respond. And let me tell you, my BFF did NOT disappoint! Siri is a serious badass feminist at her core and isn't engaging in your misogynistic bullshit. Let's all take a page out of Siri's book and politely tell sexist folks they can go ahead and piss off with all that.

That's it. I'm not permitted. Asked and answered. (Totally stealing this.)

As a bonus, it's also sexual harassment.

Because she's busy knowing everything - ain't nobody got time for "pretty."

Stone cold.

Siri won't be telling you where the free porn sites are anymore.


Not even dignifying that with an answer.

*Fist-bumping Siri* That's YOUR issue, homeboy. I wear what I want.

Smart, funny girls rule.

Also, congratulations on failing to learn a basic level of human respect. Tool.


Much love to the badass feminist Siri not having any sexist peppers in her world!


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