Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meet Margaret Jane

It occurred to us recently that you (our amazing, intelligent Janes) have no fucking clue who the women are that run Unchained Jane. Well, we thought about blaming you for this oversight (it's totally your fault), but, instead, we determined it might be a little more fun to see which of you Janes out there is most like each of us here. We want to hear it - Are you a Saera? An Amelia? An Elisabeth? or a Margaret? We apologize in advance (we aren't sorry at all) that you're all going to have to read, over the next few weeks, several JanesLists about how weird and ridiculous badass we are, but you should know who you're dealing with here (and how many dead bodies we keep in each of our respective basements). Without further ado, here are 40 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Margaret Jane:

1. Number of Husbands Under My Belt: 1, and 'til death do us part.
2. Perspective on Children: I want some eventually, but I’ll be the first to admit they scare the shit out of me.
3. Thoughts on Pets: They’re funny, and lovable, and huge pains in the ass. But they love you unconditionally, so I guess I’ll continue to keep mine.
4. Number of Apple Devices in My House: 7…I think.
5. Number of Colleges I Attended Before Obtaining a Bachelor's Degree: 1
6. How Many Years It Took Me to Graduate From College: 4
7. How Many Years I've Been at My Current Job: 5
8. How many video games I own: Too many to count.
9. Number of video games I’ve beaten/completed: 10 (This may seem like a small number, but I play A LOT of online games that have no real completion.)
10. Number of Pairs of Shoes in My Closet: 15 (I have several colors of the same shoe, so that I always have something that works for whatever outfit I wear.)
 "I love nerds vector" by Party Pop - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

11. Number of Cups of Coffee per Day: 0
12. Number of Cokes per Day: 1 (It may be a LARGE one, but only one.)
13. Number of Times I've Watched TV in the Last Three Months: 3 (We don’t have cable, and I don’t have time to tune-in to Netflix very often.)
14. Number of Weeks I've Ever Gone Without Playing a Video Game: 4…in college.
15. Number of Things I Generally Try to Do at Once: 20…million.
16. Number of Apps Installed on My iPhone: 40, not including the ones that come pre-installed.
17. How Many Times per Day I Complain About Being Cold: At least 3.
18. Daytime Shoes: Ballet flats (although if I could wear athletic shoes every day, I totally would).
19. Evening Shoes: None/Flip-flops.
20. Favorite Personal Hairstyle: Pony tail or sloppy bun.
21. Political Leaning: I’m fairly liberal, but I like to listen to what everyone has to say.
22. I Never Leave Home Without: Phone, Chapstick.
23. I Always Forget: Half of what I want to tell people - it makes conversations interesting and awkward at the same time, since sometimes my conversations begin in the middle of a thought process.
24. Favorite Music: Dance music.
25. Favorite Movie Type: Sci-fi/Action/Adventure.
26. Number of Books on My Bookshelf I Haven’t Finished Yet: Dozens - all are on my to-read list.
27. Number of iTunes Songs on My Computer: 4,000+
28. Favorite Alcoholic Beverages: Rum and Coke, Smirnoff Ice lime, Mimosas.
29. Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese, Macaroni and Cheese, Rice…Pasta, Sushi…Food.
30. How Long It Takes Me to Get Ready in the Morning: 15-20 minutes (I’m hella lazy…).
31. Animal I Really Want as a Pet: Fox.
32. Household Chore I Would Exchange for a Blow Job: Cleaning the toilets.
33. Favorite Part of My Day: Snuggling with my husband in bed.
34. Number of Piercings I have: 11
35. Number of Tattoos I Have: 2
36. Mottos: It’s all going to be okay; Plan for the worst, Hope for the best.
37. Favorite Color To Wear: Green! It makes my green eyes pop.  :)
38. Favorite Color: Yellow!
39. Number of Hours of Sleep I Get Each Night: 5 on average.
40. I Get My Preach On About: Double Standards, Lack of Respect and Support for All Women, Playing Victim to Circumstance, Anti-LGBTQ stances (that are full of ignorance). 

Whatdayathink? Are you a Margaret Jane?


* Margaret Jane *

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