Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Meet Elisabeth Jane

And now for our second edition of Who Are These Janes?!

It’s me, Elisabeth! 
I hope you heard the drum roll because it was totally there!

Facts about me are all over the place. First off, and as my other Janes can attest (and shake their grammar-loving heads), I LOVE exclamation marks!! I use them, and then I overuse them. That's probably why I have been nominated as the "cheerleader" (I SO was never a cheerleader in real life) of the UJ group. That’s just a little tidbit that doesn’t quite fit into my list, but really explains so much about me. Yep, that's right - you'll have to read this list in a peppy, smiling voice. Sorry, it's just the way I am in a nutshell. I don’t fully get it either.

So without further ado, here I am - Elisabeth Jane….

1. Number of Husbands to Date: 2 (and if this one doesn’t work I’m done!)
2. Perspective on Children: I have them, I love them, and I’ll keep them around until they are 18. I dig on independent children. And I will totally babysit…because I can give them back!
3. Thoughts on Pets: I love my fur babies! They drive me nuts and I wouldn’t trade them, though I would trade the hair.
4. My Core: I am a Christian. This is not my “religion.” I don’t have a “religion." I have a strong spiritual relationship with my God, which is based on mutual love and faith and His grace for me.
5. My Enemies: Extremists, any and all! Extremism to me is a hate for others, and hate kills. It does not ever help!  
6. Number of Degrees: 2
5. Types of College/Universities: I’ve attended 2 community colleges, 1 online university, and one university campus.
7. How Many Years I've Been in My Current Field: 6 years (in my money-making field) and 1 year (in my non-paying field)
8. Number of Pairs of Shoes in My Closet: 18 (because I was in grad school and something had to give)
9. Number of Cups of Coffee per Day: 2 (back to normal after grad school)
10. Number of Times I've Exercised in the Last Three Months: 10
11. Number of Times I’ve Wanted to Exercise in the Last Three Months: 50
12. Number of Half-Marathons I’ve Participated In (notice I didn’t say RUN) in the Past 3 Months: 1 – a finish is a finish, even if it isn’t pretty.
13. Number of Times I’ve Been Passive About a Situation Instead of Standing Up for Myself: Too damn many to count. I’m getting better about this, but it’s taken a lot of time and personal growth.
14. Number of Times I’ve Regretted Not Standing Up For Myself: About the same number as above.
15. Number of Times I’ve Stood Up for Other People in a Tense Situation: So many more than for myself - I’m more willing to fight for others.
16. Number of Apps Installed on My iPhone: 37 (I stick to what I know)
17. How Many Times per Day I Complain About Being Cold: Too many to count. We just keep a blanket in the car when we go on family trips.
18. Daytime Shoes: Heels
19. Evening Shoes: None/Flip-flops
20. Favorite Personal Hairstyle: Straightened with a flip at the ends, but only because my hair is naturally curly and if I straighten it, I have to wash it less…pure laziness.
21. Political Leaning: Pretty middle of the road. I’m open to looking at all sides. It isn’t a cop out. It's just how I am.
22. I Never Leave Home Without: iPhone and ID
23. Favorite Music: Alternative, Classical, Christian, Jazzy/Folk (Nora Jones)
24. Favorite Movie Type: Comedy
25. Number of Books on My Nightstand: 37 – again, just finished grad school, so most of them are school books I “promised” myself I will read more in-depth.
26. Number of Books on My Audible Account: 136 – I drive a lot.
27. Number of Boxes of Books in My Garage (because they don’t fit on my side table/bookshelf): 9
28. Favorite Alcoholic Beverages: Champagne!
29. Favorite Food: Lobster (cause I’m high class and shit)
30. How Long It Takes Me to Get Ready in the Morning: 45 minutes
31. Household Chore I HATE: Vacuuming
32. Favorite Part of My Day: Eating dinner with my family
33. Number of Tattoos I Have: 3
34. Mottos: Love Always Wins! We are All Worth It! Love Your Neighbor as Yourself, Means You Have to Love Yourself! Parenting is Hard!
35. Favorite Color To Wear: Black, Grey, and Tan (I love but also fear colors on my body).
36.  Favorite Color: Red – it's cool and powerful.
37. Number of Hours of Sleep I Get Each Night: 8-ish, and if I can throw in a daytime nap, I am in heaven.
38. I Get My Preach On About: Hate in the Name of Religion, Pay Inequity, Double Standards, People Creating Drama to Make Themselves Appear More Important, Lack of Respect and Support for All Women, Playing Victim to Life Circumstances, The Underdog, Feminism In General
39. Sayings That Drive me Nuts: “I love you to death” - I mean, what the hell?! That’s just morbid!

So, are you anything like Elisabeth Jane? Or, are you a Saera Jane? Let us know and stay tuned for the rundown on Amelia Jane and Margaret Jane coming soon!

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