Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Meet Amelia Jane

Meet Amelia Jane

1. Number of Husbands Under My Belt: One and done.
2. Perspective on Children: One and done.
3. Thoughts on Pets: Love them, but I'm never home. So we just have one self sufficient bitchy cat.
4. Number of Apple Devices in My House: 5
5. Number of Colleges I Attended Before Obtaining a Bachelor's Degree: 1
6. How Many Years It Took Me to Graduate From College: 5 1/2
7. How Many Years I've Been at My Current Job: 12
8. How many Bath and Body Works Products in My House: 14,385
9. Number Of Handbags I Own:  35
10. Pairs of Shoes in My Closet:  15
11. Number of Cups of Coffee per Day: 2
12. Number of Diet Cokes per Day: 1
13. Number of Times I've Exercised in the Last Three Months: I plead the 5th.

14. Number of Hours I've Gone Without Thinking About Food: Is there a number less than zero?
15. Number of Times I've Been Called a Bitch for Being Outspoken: To my face--0, Behind my back--infinity.
16. Number of Apps Installed on My iPhone: 41
17. How Many Times per Day I Complain About Being Awake: All times, All days.
18. Daytime Shoes: Flats or sandals.
19. Evening Shoes: None or flip flops.
20. Favorite Personal Hairstyle: Short hair, don't care!
21. Political Leaning: LEFT.
22. I Never Leave Home Without: My iPhone. It contains my life.
23. I Always Forget: Whatever my boss just asked me to do.  I think I have selective hearing.
24. Favorite Music: Metal, Classic Rock.
25. Favorite Movie Type: Comedy, Quirky (current fave is Moonrise Kingdom).
26. Number of Books on My Nightstand I'm Never Going to Finish: 0--No book shall go unfinished!!!
27. Number of Songs on My iPhone: 495
28. Favorite Alcoholic Beverages:  Beer.
29. Favorite Food: Sushi.
30. How Long It Takes Me to Get Ready in the Morning: 45 min.
31. Number of Times I've Ever Correctly Put on Eyeliner: 1
32. Number of Fucks I Give About That: I give all the fucks about this. Seriously. Why can't I do this??????
33. Household Chore I Have Exchanged for a Blow Job: All of them.
34. Girly Girl or Tom Boy: I'm a mixed bag. I love pumpkin spice lattes AND heavy metal.
35. Favorite Part of My Day: The first sip of coffee.
36. Number of Tattoos I Have: 2
37. Mottos: Because I'm a lady, assface.
38. Favorite Color To Wear: Heathered grey. Why is it so much softer than any other color? 
39. Number of Hours of Sleep I Get Each Night: 7-8
40. I Get My Preach On About: Climate-Evolution-Vaccine- deniers. You know, stuff that has been proven, but people don't "believe" in. *rolling my eyes*
41. How Many Dead Bodies I Keep in My Basement: I don't have a basement. I hide them somewhere else.

Whatdayathink? Are you an Amelia Jane?


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