Thursday, September 3, 2015

7 Things That Badass Video Game Women Taught Me

 "Phantasy Star Online cosplay models (2012)" by Koichiro Ohba - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

I like video games.  They’re fun, they’re intelligent, and, more often than not, they have puzzles that actually help you think outside the box in real life.  But, for those Janes who may not think video games are friendly to badass women, I made a short list of the things video game women have taught me:

  1. Be Resourceful. Sometimes, you really can make situations work by utilizing what you have at hand. Like using a hair pin to pick locks. Or a nail file to defend yourself.

  2. The Way You Dress Does Not Define You. Just because I wear a dress does not necessarily mean I’m ultra-feminine. Just because I wear combat boots does not mean I’m a hard-ass. Maybe I just haven’t done laundry in a while. Maybe I just wanted something comfortable.

  1. Race Doesn’t Matter. Especially when we’re all just trying to survive. Besides, your blue skin is GORGEOUS. I almost hate you. The Awoken in Destiny are a fabulous example of this beauty.

  1. Food is Necessary. And, sometimes, food in video games looks so good, it makes real food seem less appetizing. It doesn’t stop me from eating real food, mind you. That would be silly.

  1. Very Rarely is Your Story Set in Stone. Your decisions matter. They can change the course of everything in your life. Your choices impact how people perceive you and how they react to you. Decide wisely!

  1. Women are Not Always Underestimated. Commander Shepard, I’m looking at you, you gorgeous, vivacious badass, you. The way you can command your ship, gather allies and earn their respect, save the Earth and the known Universe, and have no one second-guess your leadership is inspiring.

  1. Female Protagonists are Incredibly Intelligent AND Sexy. Lara Croft, FemShep, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, Metroid. These are only a tiny sampling of female protagonists who cut a swath through their respective worlds, often times saving said worlds/galaxies/universes in the process - using their wits, smarts, and beauty.

Video games are awesome because they allow you to live thousands of lives, and you never have to leave your couch. They push you to challenge the way you think, challenge the way you look at the world. And it's wonderful. It's enjoyable. And, sometimes, the characters you play are just flat-out inspiring. Take a chance, Janes! Give a video game or two a try.  


***Margaret Jane***


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